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Robinhood Automated Swing Trading Bot Setup Guide (Works for small accounts)

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📌Automated Stock Trading Robot Made Easy – Create Indicators and Strategies without Programming

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For those of you interested in automated trading: Jacob Amaral has started developing a Robinhood trading bot and is sharing the source code 100% free.

The least you can do is your own DD and learn a little bit of code to use this bot to trade your own strategies. Udemy class – python crash course

I’m working on my own variation of this to trade my own strategies… Will update once it is connected to my RH trading account for live testing.

Check out his channel here

Github code:

Tools you will need to host and run the bot:

Python crash course

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Day trading recap of stocks traded today in the stock market. Purpose of the video is to provide insight in my thought process, go over mistakes, and how to improve myself to be a sufficient trader. This will also be a video log where I keep a trading journal to grow my small account. My main goal is to survive in this market while continuously learning about the market which in terms lead to being profitable in the end.

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Disclosure: This is for educational purposes only. I am not a professional financial adviser. Do not base the decision on investment in this video. Do your own research before purchasing or selling any stocks mentioned. This is not financial advice.

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  1. did you ever figure out how to stop the bot from opening and closing the same stock in 1 day?i got labeled a day trader once and learned my lesson .

  2. Guys this is your money, if you don't understand the basic 64 line script this guy provided in one of the easier languages to learn, then you need to take the time to learn at least a little bit if you're going to do this. No one is going to help you set things like this up*, at least not for free, *because no one wants to be held liable when you lose all of your money.

  3. Im new too codng but want to try this out, anyone succesful yet? I want to use this code and modify it to day trade doge coin…. Lets help each other out and figure it out. Where do you change the stock simple to change what you want to trade with this code? Thanks for any and all help.

  4. Hey there! Been running into an issue of importing tulipy. Any advice? I tried using Pycharm and Eclipse neither worked

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