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REST API Crash Course – Introduction + Full Python API Tutorial

* O link para o vídeo completo está no final desse artigo.
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34 Comentários

  1. one way to explain why drinks is in plural is, that its an collection of many drinks. The endpoint /drinks returns all of the existing drinks. So it makes somehow sense to name a collection in plural instead of singular. Awesome video btw 🙂

  2. Thank you … lots of technology covered in 1 video – python, python environment, rest, flask, alchemy, database setup, postman, etc… super helpful!

  3. Hi Caleb. I've been used APIs for some time, in a debugging/test capacity. I'm moving into a pre-sales role and came here looking for a way to explain API functionality. Your definition is fantastic. Thanks so much for this course! Oh and also the C++ course.

  4. I was struggling to understand API… GET,POST,PUT were nightmare for me. Thanks for such a simple explanation.

  5. Exceptional REST API introduction with a complete practical tutorial to demonstrate functionality.

  6. @Caleb, this is simply the BEST video tutorial I've ever seen on any computer programming topic. You really are awesome at dumbing it down for the dummies like me. Thank you! Now, how about taking a short break from these great videos for a manscaping appointment? You deserve it (and so does your girlfriend)!

  7. I normally watch courses in LinkedIn Learning due to the quality of the person teaching them. Let me say that you have talent. Only 15 minutes within the video and I like how you teach. Keep up the amazing work, please.

  8. the best tutor to understanding the concept and implement the concept in Projects, thanks for the best tutor

  9. Great job!

    I am not a programmer but have to understand developers. I would easily put this on top 5 among videoclips i have seen that explains REST API understandably to stakeholders.

  10. For two years I've been trying to figure out what an API is. Today, thanks to you I finally know. And you described endpoints, REST, etc. You EXPLAINED what each of the fundamental concepts were instead of just banging out code for people to try to grasp. Great tutorial!

    I've subbed, and for the first time in my 15 years of watching YouTube I am clicking that bell icon. Thank you for everything you do.



  11. Not fancy, not over packed, just simple and very informative this is literally the best! Great Job

  12. Super simple and up to the point explanation. WOW. Keep it up and thank you so much

  13. If anyone here faced any None-Type error during post request use below code:
    data = request.get_data()

    data = json.loads(data.decode('utf-8'))

    drink = Drink(name = data['name'], description = data['description'])
    Dont forget to import json module

  14. You should REALLY learn what REST is before making a video claiming to describe how to use it. Just say "Web API Crash Course" or "HTTP API Crash Course"

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