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Razer Blackwidow Elite Keyboard Review!

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  1. When I type with this keyboard it makes a weird echoey sound after each keypress. I got the keyboard in September of 2021 (I think) and it was like this from the very start. I don't know if I got a different version, if it's just like this, or if it's malfunctional, but I would like a bit of help as to why it is doing this. Thanks!

  2. bruh my brother removed my spacebar am looking on how to fix it can anyone tell me i tried everything

  3. I AM future man. 🙂 Thanks for your review on this product. It's still helpful for me 2 years later.

  4. Bought mine for 99$ on Amazon and it comes in 2 days!!! I’m sorry if you missed this sale 🙁

  5. Quite possibly the most underrated keyboard that exists. The current 2x the price huntsman line pales in comparison.

  6. God, I know this is a green switch BlackWidow, bc you type and I just feel the shivers of ew run up and down my spine. Like nails on a chalkboard.

    Want yellows.

  7. I love typing on this keyboard so much. Im trying to think of something else to type just cause its so fun. uhmm uhmmm, okay thats all

  8. Alright, as someone who has had this keyboard for over a year is like to say that it’s amazing don’t get me wrong but it’s not for everyone. It’s built for larger hands and not for casual gaming and not for media consumption either. The keyboard is wayyy over priced and it doesn’t really have the potential to be personalized as well as others. Just as a heads up it takes significantly more force to press the keys and takes up a lot of space on your desk. Now onto the positives… this keyboard is top tier for FPS and precision games, even though it’s not worth the price in my personal opinion it is still one of the most premium keyboards out there.

  9. I’m wish razer had a pcb switch mounted rgb board that had the metal top plate thingy

  10. Just picked up one of these off the bay for £38/$50 as it had a broken spacebar. Fixed easily and what a great keyboard it is! Highly recommended.

  11. green switches has an annoying sound :/ and they are sold out for the yellow

  12. Real shame they don't add the macro keys anymore. I still have my Blackwidow V2

  13. Hi, if you smoke at your desk the dial will stop working properly after a very short period of time. fyi

  14. Something is off with the sound of the keyboard i think.
    Seems very " clacky "….

  15. I recently bought the yellow switches, and fr though, they are very nice. It's quick and no interruptions when pressing down on a key, and the silence is actually nice if I'm playing for an extended period of time!

  16. i am currently using K63 from corsair.. fuck that sounds amazing.. i love plastic boards more than metal for that oily muted sounds

  17. Got this keyboard for $69.99 hehe funny and I have one issue as I use WASD a lot so the rest is kinda shaped to it.

  18. The absolute worst thing about this keyboard is the fact that the symbols on the number keys don't light up.

  19. Just picked this up today for $85 and I’m feeling pretty stoked about that! Turns out I’m future guy lol, and the future held a great deal today


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