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Ranger EA Review – The Best Forex Robot 2021?

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Here is the video timestamp:

00:00 Ranger EA Review Intro
2:06 What Is Ranger EA?
7:24 Trading Proof
9:06 Backtesting results
12:40 Pinpoint EA
14:25 Ranger EA cost
15:54 My Trading Results
20:23 Best Forex Robot 2021?
21:06 Interview With Ryan Brown

Ranger EA Review – The Best Forex Robot 2021?

This is my Ranger EA review. I have been testing this forex robot for several months now and the results have been very good. The creator of this bot, Ryan Brown, has developed over 200 forex robots in his 15 years as a progessional trader, but Ranger is his best forex robot, and is proving to be very popular in 2021.

The robot is completely automated, so it is “set and forget”. It will will run on mt4 with just about any broker, although Ryan suggests using leverage of 1:500 which not all brokers will offer. On my blog post I share some brokers that can offer this, even to US customers (

This forex robot has been designed to lock inn consistent profits of around 2-6% per month, whilst keeping drawdown low. The trading strategy uses a proven candle stick pattern for entering trades. If a trade goes against the direction of the trade, the expert advisor will deploy a grid trading strategy to bring the losing trade into profit.

There are 2 purchase options with Ranger EA. You canbuy a full license for $497 or you can use the copy trader service at $40 per month.

This forex robot has been extensively backtested and the results of the backtests are very promising over a 15 year period. However, you should always consider the risks of trading forex, where markets move very quickly and your capital is at risk. It’s possible to lose 100% of your capital with forex trading. That doesn’t mean that Ranger EA is a scam, in fact hundreds of people are making consistent monthly profits. However, it is often suggested to only trade with funds you can afford to lose.

In this video I share my own trading results from running Ranger expert advisor on 3 different account. I also show other trading proof and talk about the pros and cons of the backtesting results. I then do an interview with Ryan Brown and we discuss various aspects of the forex bot, such as how he developed it, how it manages risk, and the autocompouding feature.Ryan believes that Ranger is the best forex ea in the world right now, and whilst I still reserve judgement on that, the results have been very good so far.

Thank you for watching this Ranger EA review. Please feel free to post questions or comments below.


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  1. Hi Jonathan, is your ranger ea live account showing paper losses of 900usd? i might be looking at it incorrectly.

  2. did you say that your computer has to be on at all times? loving yieldnodes so far thanks to your recommendation

  3. Hi John!
    Thank you for the review:
    Would you say this EA could pass the FTMO challenge or the CTI Verification phase?

  4. Ai, when I see an affiliatelink 99 of 100 times its not an objective review…

  5. Hi ,thanks for your good work there is an ea called OHANDA ea check it facebook, it good thanks for the gps it's doing good

  6. Hi tradewise! Do you have a community chat group! Love you content of testing various different investment vehicles!

  7. what is the backtesting service he mentioned? I couldn't understand cleary and can't find it.

  8. Hello Jonathan. I noticed your accounts are in USD. Is there a particular advantage to this vs GBP or EUR?

  9. Hi, Jonathan, been following u for a while now and really appreciate what you are doing.
    I found some reviews on this EA / indicator called chinetti pip collector, it claims not to repaint its signals and the reviews seem really good.
    I will appreciate if you can do a review on it or share your opinion on it.

  10. Dear Jonathan,

    Have you ever tested any of the EAs offered by Expert4x?
    If so, which ones would you recommend?
    If not, would you please consider testing them as I trust that
    you thoroughly test the EAs that you recommend.

    Thank you for your time and assistance.


  11. So you need an unregulated fx account that can offer upto 200 leverage that will also accept the Ranger EA sounds like it's getting a bit too complicated for mr!,

  12. Hi I am interested but don't run an mt4 account, as I've only spreadbet before! and never used an EA. Is there a back to basics video or instruction? Also which is the best mt4/5 broker to use with this EA and is it easy to install and setup?

  13. I ran a backtest on mT4 and results are not bright. Am I doing something wrong? I don'T know just ran a standart backtest and results are disappointment?

  14. Thanks for another review video! I always enjoy the new discoveries you share with the community. I have checked this EA couple of times recently and never liked its logic nor the results. I think there are better options out there. from my FXBOOK history of trades, it's apparent that this EA is an averaging EA, you can spot a basket of trades starting with 0.01 and ending with 0.06. the 0.06 was needed to get out of loss. it will keep placing trades and increase lot size slowly and safely until it closes i.e. 7 trades profitably (but there are winners and losers within the 7). I have seen dozens of EAs with similar logic. yes they are slow and steady regardless if you label it Ranger or Averager or Slow Martingaler. These EAs are better than a regular bank saving account. but no way a real bread winner. I use one of these EAs at 0.01 lot as a snack in my account to keep piling small profits. if the target was 2-5% , then these kind of EAs are worth it. but there are more EAs with smarter logic and higher profit rate. Kind Regards

  15. Hi Jonathan, I am new here, totally confused, want to buy a bot, trusting on your words. Suggest me in short what should I do?

  16. Hey Jonathan – I notice you re not using FXPrimus for running this bot, even though they offer the recommended 500x leverage. Have you gone off them?

  17. I am not sure if you are aware. The parameters show 3 Martingale options. The default settings use Martingale3. I am not sure what that is. But it is not accurate to say it does not use Martingale. When using Martingale3, the backtesting results show Martingale escalation being used, although a slowed down version: it does not escalate quantity until after every 3 trades. Please see for yourself. Profitability results posted were probably using Martingale3 default. If not using Martingale, the quantities do not escalate. It will be safer, but probably not as profitable.

  18. Another excellent review Jonathan, big thanks. Its important to note the pinpoint EA loss was only on around 10% of the users accounts and relates to the differences between brokers. I've been running Rangerv4.1 for a few months now and its very stable and careful, very unlike some other crazy dangerous bots on the market. Be careful of other vendors bots as there is no backtesting and indeed long term performance is not available, there is a reason for this, they wipe out accounts. A new pinpoint EA release is due very soon. Ryan is a very honest and straightforward vendor and his Discord channel is very good resource for anyone involved in running his systems. Highly recommended.

  19. Hi! Im thinking about LQDFX or Roboforex as a broker when getting the Ranger EA.
    Does it matter much wich I pick?
    Will the Micro account on LQDFX work well? 🙂
    And if I choose Roboforex what account type should I pick there?

  20. What would you say to a comparison of GPS vs Ranger if you had to pick one? Thanks! Loved the video.

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