Quiet residential standby generator from Cummins Power Generation is neighbor-friendly

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This video discusses how a quiet residential standby generator can maintain good relationships with your neighbors. It is often true that good fences make good neighbors…and so can a quiet residential standby generator from Cummins Onan. In fact, an independent testing firm found that the Cummins Onan RS20A generator operated more quietly than three leading competitors, making it a good choice for your needs.

The testing firm controlled certain variables to ensure impartiality:

1. Power rating size
2. Testing distance: 7 meters
3. Time of Day/Date
4. Weather conditions
5. Load applied (8kW at 3600 RPM)

Play the video to hear the evidence with your own ears. The Cummins Onan RS20A is one of the quietest (if not the quietest) residential standby generators in its class. Learn about other features that set the RS20A apart from the competition by going to:

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  1. @WulfBand When asking about running a generator 24/7, this is called running the generator as Prime Power. In my experience, typically residential generators are intended for Standby use; only to run for weekly exercise and in power outages. Cummins Power Generation does make natural gas generators designed for Prime Power, I'd recommend contacting your local distributor for more information about Prime Power Natural Gas gensets. Hope this helps.

  2. As a Professional Audio Engineer I really appreciate this video.
    I have a few questions ?
    Is it possible to run these full time if a person wanted to, example 24/7 all year long ?
    Can they be hooked up to natural gas & if so what is the average daily cost ?

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