Quick rant about "solar generators" (AC50S/Jackery) and my future DIY build that will kill them all

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45 comentários em “Quick rant about "solar generators" (AC50S/Jackery) and my future DIY build that will kill them all

  1. Well…not everyone is looking to build a solar system to power their entire home. Some folks only want something to use on occasion of a blackout or a short camping trip. If you are interested in doing the DIY jobs then why when you already have a foregone conclusion even do a video on these "toys" as you say that could possibly save a life of an individual on a cpap or some other machine they need for their health and survival. Just do one video and say all these sogens you can buy are toys traded under different names and let me show you how to make a "real" one like me the "genius" DIYer! By the way everyone can't lift those DIY 100 lb jobs since not everyone is in their 20's as you appear to be.

  2. Can you recomend something similar and cheaper from aliexpress without the need to acually build?

  3. Will is easy for you to say because you know how to built. May I ask you to build something for me that can only run a small car refrigerator And a small fan. Yes I’m aware that you have in your website kits but I do not know how to put that together even with instructions. That is why people buy these pieces of crap.

  4. I think the only reason I would consider to buy a unit like this is for portability. Homemade units will be bulkier than a neatly packaged commercial grade item. That being said I am yet to find a unit worth spending money on. There is a new unit from Bluetti that supposedly has a 716Wh LiFePO4 cell and a lot of great outputs. The price on that is really attractive right now @ $499. Could you review that for us? The price seems too good to be true

  5. Hi Will, we are complete novice we are not ignoring your advice it’s about safety & simplicity. We need to buy a power block to charge two 500w EBike batteries, What we would ask is if you could guide us to the best two options available to us as we are in U.K. These are Jackery or bluetti. We have to buy a flexible solar panel to charge the cube due to weight and also through a 12v or by mains when on a campsite. I realise you won’t recommend this set up but we have such limited knowledge and understanding and advice available on the Isle of Wight. Thanks

  6. I need help! Trying to find a system for around 1K$ whose battery could be expanded, could ‘pass through’ solar with some amount of extra-paneling. Would want to power (not necessarily all at once) a small 65W laptop, charge an iPad, maybe power a fan or a space-heater (or heating blanket if easier). The important thing for me is to be able to periodically expand the battery or the solar paneling in future. Thanks if you see this, I can’t seem to wade my way through all the different products.

  7. I have 2 Jackery's. I like them for quick access and easy of use. They are small and lightweight to. But I would never rely on them for serious long term use. There are a lot of circuit boards and components inside, literally hundreds of parts and something will fail and brick the Jackery's eventually. My long term system I have many golf cart batteries sized so my daily load is only about 20% of the battery bank capacity. I have 2 MPPT solar controllers and 4 pure sign inverters. Living by the one is none rule, if something fails it's a moduar set up and I can swap in a new component easy. Why golf cart lead acid? Simple cheap technology and being for golf carts the lead plates and design has to be true deep cycle. Much less chance fire or bricking batteries with sensitive complicated BMS on anything lithium. As long as you don't drain golf cart batteries past 50% DOD most days, they can be a decade of reliable use if sized properly. Also there is core recycling with golf cart batteries so when you buy a new battery you can return the old one and get some cash back. I know this is not a portable system but just saying for a reliable solution it should be least complicated and have a lot of redundancy.

  8. Jackory had the 240 a month ago for 159 which was a steal and own a eb150 which I like paid $999but completely agree with you I’m in the process of building my own

  9. well Will, i really like the way you tell it like it is, i'm 72 and i being old school tell it like it is also, it's very refreshing to see a young man stick to his guns, and not bow down for the sake of a dollar…..you set a great example for todays younger population.

  10. Hi Will. I need a 12 volt power supply ( basically a car battery 12 volts 3 amps). I need it to run my telescope mount, auto focuser and computer. I will be spending 2 months each winter in Southern AZ off the grid photographing deep space objects and I may need to charge it at least every other day to run my scope for 6 or 7 hours each night. I know from watching some of your past videos you are not a big big fan of the types of "solar generators" you are looking at in this video. My biggest concern is how long they take to charge. For example I think the smallest Jackery would take about 8 hours of direct sunlight to fully charge . That's too long. Any recommendations on one of these things that will charge in a few hours of direct sunlight on a 100 watt panel? Perhaps your own design you mention above would do the trick if its not too complicated and is light weight. Thanks

  11. I'm thinking there are two different things going on here. One being for those people, like campers, who just want a simple portable source to keep their portable cooler running, charge their cell phones, batteries. and perhaps a string of LED lights in our outside of their camper bus, small RV or tent for a weekend or a little longer vacation. Those that are just wowed by simple.
    The other being for those who either want their whole house or their luxury 45 ft. RV being powered off grid including all their appliances, air-conditioning and heating.
    I am 100% s ure that Will could design and have a fantastic portable solar generstor manufactured as well as a complete package to power a house or 15 ton RV.

  12. Sounds like your a DIY enthusiast, that’s awesome! Rarely will purchased prebuilt be better than DIY because you’re not concerned with profit margins.


    First people need to remember, it’s a large power bank that’s prebuilt in China, it’s not meant to power everything non-stop. It’s meant for a weekend camping trip or an emergency kit to charge important gadgets and possibly power a few items to make the emergency more bearable. Many live in Apartments-and cannot use gas powered generators so you get desperate for anything.

    Very very very few also have the tools or desire or know how on how to build such units. What’s easy for you may be difficult or overkill for many others to where you’d rather just pay a one time fee for a prebuilt to just get you by for a few days and also has solar capability just in case. As long as you’re reviews were not about using it to fully power your entire life and live off grid, and review it as it’s described which is emergencies or camping for a few days & it charges phones or maybe a small heater or fan or a mini fridge for a bit or LED light, then it’s all good.

    For those looking at this product though, no…this doesn’t replace the power company. Know that it at most cost $100 to make and the company is trying to make margins to grow as a company. If you want the bleeding edge best, start learning and DIY. If you need something that can help out on a few things on a power outage? Yes. Camping?? Yes. Living exclusively on??? LOL…No.

  13. This man is a rare gem. An example of fun, work, value, and honesty. Wonderful teacher! Invaluable.

  14. Of course if you have the skills to build your own .
    You’ll save plenty of money .
    Most do not ..
    Build your own !!
    And put the Video out !
    Yes ….. we heard you !

  15. I get where your coming from. Once you get a taste of something better you then see what is not as good. why go to something that cost more for less than paying the same and getting more a different way

  16. It seems that the new version of the Jackery Exp 500 beats the Bluetti ac50S because of its ability to handle turn-on surge currents better (?), which is actually a big deal when the limit is so low. If I understand correctly, The Jackery also has a significantly higher AC output wattage capacity, according to a Hobotech review. Comments from you are encouraged. Thx.

  17. These are great for camping though. Not this specific one per say but these type of units in general.

  18. Obviously a home built battery system can be way cheaper but most people don't want to mess around with it. We want plug and go and that's what Jackery does. You get what you pay for and some of us don't want to mess around with wiring and figuring out all of the other crap that's involved with building your own kit.

  19. I think it is terrific that you give bold but honest opinions on the products. Most of us are far less knowledgeable and would be wasting our hard earned money without your expert advise. Thank you Will.

  20. my question is this: great that you can build a terrific battery pack, but geesh, how helpful is that to us older folks looking for something terrific, for a decent price, and primarily, EASY to use. No stripping wires and soldering for this old gal. I haven't seen many of your videos, so maybe you are only geared to geeks in which case you can throw out my post.

  21. But when we’re camping I don’t want my girlfriend having to fiddle with your home made kit package.

  22. Just watched your custom builds and sorry to call you out but your DIY build is no where near 100 time more powerful and cost is about the same. Just sayin. And cost per watt about the same. Nonetheless I still like your channel

  23. Who else would be interested in seeing Will do a roast….I mean review of the LEOCH 2,048Wh (LiFePO4 batteries) power station?

  24. Thank you, Will. It is so refreshing to hear honest opinions about the products you analyze. Don't let the capitalists get you down. There are a lot of techs who appreciate your honesty. We (the people) are behind you. As an ex tech ( I am retired electronics tech at 71 years of age) your comments are greatly appreciated. Remember…, there are many more who believe in you…, who do not even let you know of their feelings. Keep up the good work. You and Ralph Nader are my heroes!

  25. Hey Will, appreciate you sharing your knowledge in these videos. I'm at the stage in my van build where I have to decide on a battery so I can figure out how I'm going to wire the van for my needs (12v/3A pot lights, 12V/4A fan, 12V/5A water pump, and a 12/24V approx 5A fridge). It's more of a getaway, max 2 week trip van, not living in it. Is there an all-in-one lithium battery you can suggest for my needs? Also plan on running either 200-400W renogy solar panels.

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