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Python WiFi

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Python is such a great language to learn!
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Learn how to code with Python: 0:00
Demo: 0:11
Python scripts: 0:56
Windows netsh Commands: 1:32
WiFi profiles: 3:05
Show WiFi: 3:57
Python script demo: 5:06
Python script explanation: 6:15
E-mail information: 9:36
Be careful: 10:01


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netsh wifi

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28 Comentários

  1. I am really confused. So are you saying that you can acquire the password for a given wlan network which is already connected to your laptop or, are u saying that your code can crack the passwords of the wlan networks in your area (protected by WPA2 PSK) which is not connected to your laptop?

  2. Disclaimer: You can only know your previously connected passwords
    Even if you want to hack someone's password you can't

  3. By This Script We Can Only Know That Wifi Password We Connected In Past No Show That Password We Not Connected. That Means This This Not a Proper Working Script.

  4. Sir plzz reply ,Sir how can i delete go back what i have written in python 3.9 or command prompt becoz backspace dosent work in both… sir its important plzz reply soon…

  5. Your are just getting the passwords of that WiFi networks which are currently connected to your system

  6. How to get wifi passwords on the local computer. Great concept but, overkill to write this outside of batch… Very informative though!

  7. I can see wifi ssid information which I already connected through that command, i cant see other wifi ssid which are detected in wifi network

  8. forgot password of router login page , i m using mi router can any one plz help me to login to my administrator acccount

  9. router app is an app which chid use in India for hacking wifi make a solution to solve them

  10. hey bro, may you also made some videos on saving wifi networks from some app that do this type of hacking
    please make such type of videos to
    thanks any way

  11. Hii David tell me ccie security is best for career????????I hope you reply mee

  12. Sir I encountered a problem that the wifi that the command prompt shows are completely different from the one's that are shown as available
    Hope I would get a reply

  13. until and unless u connect to other networks there is no way u can connect to their internet with cmd…

  14. Whats the point of this video if it only shows the way to display passwords for nets which you were already connected? It means you had to know the password before. Correct me if im wrong

  15. But its just for the passwords saved on the device !! What for the passwords which aren't saved!?

  16. As 26 year in the sector it is rare to find humble high skilled people like you. Thanks for the great video and information.

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