PROJECT PLAYTIME, but the ROLES are REVERSED?! (Cartoon Animation)

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Boxy Boo, Player, Huggy Wuggy and Mommy Long Legs all swap bodies due to a nefarious plan by the evil CEO. Now they must find a way to transform back to normal before it’s too late!

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42 comentários em “PROJECT PLAYTIME, but the ROLES are REVERSED?! (Cartoon Animation)

  1. Why in the everloving universe does boxy boo sound like a horrifying mix of the following: Nekomaru from Danganronpa, Monty from FNAF, and with a tiny bit of a cowboy-esque stereotype accent

  2. Mommy long legs is huggy wuggy and daddy long legs is huggy wuggy player is boxy boo and boxy boo is player

  3. *I love the story and I love your video. Excellent animation. Have a nice time everyone

  4. Me encantan tus Videos me gustaría mucho que seas un video con la Skin de Bugs Bunny para Player y la Skin de Armour Gesa para Boxística Boo y la Skin de pulpo Páramo Mila Skin de David pero también a mommy y el Skin de Kissy Missy y no puede faltar bonzo también a Player con Girl

  5. Gametoons I love your videos and i also like piggy I would like to see piggy book 2 animations chapter 1-12 as well as some origin stories, love your animations!

  6. You guys should make Player Vs Impostor V4
    (Exept player should be in his among us form in the video)

  7. Can you make a new animation today or maybe tomorrow because I love these animations