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Program a Trading Bot with Node JS

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Learn how to program a stock trading bot using node JS and the Alpaca api.

We go over the initial node set up, how to hit the alpaca api with your authentication, the trading bot logic, and basic principles of trying to trade off the bullish engulfing candlestick pattern.

This code is not complete, but it is a good starting place for many developers who want to create their own trading bot.

No frameworks or big libraries required, just node, node-fetch dependency and the dotenv dependency.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for your trading losses or gains, this video is for entertainment purposes only and encourages using the paper trading account offered by Alpaca.

The Code –
Alpaca –


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  1. Great content, i'm watching from my macbook. The quality is fine, the narration was great, and this is exactly the type of 'heres a good framework for a bot' video i was looking for. Would love to see where it's at now and so forth. Thank you sir.

  2. Não funciona a parte de console.log(bars). O que fiz de errado ?

  3. Thumbs up Profesh. I implemented bullish engulfing in my 1 year bot after i watch YOUR video. Thanks for being an inspiration

  4. Hey. 6 months since this video, do think this is something worth pursuing or just a waste of time?

  5. More content like this, please. You walking through your code was very helpful. I mainly listened to it but at times when I wanted to see the actual code, I needed to view it on a full screen of 27" monitor, so a larger font would be appreciated.
    9/10 video.

  6. Wonderful! Good starting point.
    Could you please do the same tutorial but for trading Crypto Currency (crypto bot) ?

  7. I updated the algo from the video a little bit, I think this is the right one:
    bar1 &&
    bar2 &&
    bar1.h < bar2.h &&
    bar1.o > bar2.o &&
    bar1.c < bar2.c &&
    bar1.l > bar2.l &&
    bar2.v > bar1.v

  8. Hey there!! Keep making great content. Have you ever thought about using smzeus . c o m to help grow your channel?!

  9. This is awesome! I cloned it and got it running. It seems that often the api call for bars returns an empty array. Did you find that to be the case as well? FWIW, I'm checking bars for SQQQ and TQQQ.

  10. You have a syntax error in index.js…
    Should read

    const bar1 = bars[symbol][0];

    const bar2 = bars[symbol][1];
    Otherwise you'll get undefined for bars2

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