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Profit Update Review Battle of the Best Crypto Trading Grid Bot Bitsgap vs BitUniverse

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Profit Update Review Battle of the Best Crypto Trading Grid Bot Bitsgap vs BitUniverse. Configuration Video:

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  2. One another thing which kucoin have it very clear is Min investment amount next to coin name which I have rarely seen on any other grid trading bot. Having said that you can only deploy 10 bots on kc. On Bituni I agree that original set i frustrating but it's free and unlimited bots. Bitsgap I don't like there pro sub package for 110usd u only get to use 15bots even though the original setup is ease. Question is, is there a bot that is afffordable, with trailing up feature, easy to setup and with unlimited bots? Thanks

  3. but how bitsgap won, you invested more in bitsgap which is why you got 8 dollars, the investment in usdt shows 502 on bitsgap, but on the universe platform you invested 399 and got 7.9 — or am I getting this wrong? this is what I see on the screen at 11:00

  4. So if the price keeps going down it keeps buying more which dollar costs average. Is the limit orders spread out same price ? or does it increase each step to keep the average entry price line close?

  5. Thanks Recon very interesting
    Many interesting will be to see Bitsgap bot vs. Mudrex also with the same start budget, same trade coin..

  6. Hello Recon Trader, thank you for good content. what i have want to figure out is, am i profitable against bot if i just buy and sell with initial investment.

  7. Just a question.. Bitsgap has a monthly fee.. I am wondering how much investment would be needed to actually negate that fee?

  8. I think the other thing to consider is even if we were to assume they both performed as listed and Bituniverse came in sightly under, it's not factoring in the cost of the service. With that close of a margin between the two working with the same level of funding, Bitsgap would lose in total gains after including cost of service. Just a thought to consider in making a truly overall decision.

  9. Made a mistake in the total profits.

    Total profit for BitUniverse is calculated

    Total profit = realized profits +unrealised profits

    So actually the comments above are correct. BitUniverse did better in this test

  10. 4:01. That's not correct sir. It is not based on the entry price. "Change" is the change in coin value from your last "filled" buy order + the bot profit. So you would subtract your bot profit from the "change" and that would give you a 0.6% increase in the value of your coin from last buy order that got filled. So if you had just bought Luna and hodl you would be up 0.6%, but the bot made you an additional 1.74% for a total of 2.34% profit so around $11.73. Pretty sure that's how it works unless they changed something. It's been a month or so since I ran their bots.

  11. How about doing a Kucoin trading bot vs Bitsgap trading bot with the same parameters????????????

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