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Here’s the truth about selling digital marketing services…

Knowing how to price your SMMA services is one of the most important parts of running an agency. Go a little bit over the right price and you can make it tough to get clients. Go a little bit under the right price and you’re going to start losing money.

But, if the price it just right, you’ll feel like you’re literally printing money. This is why a proper pricing table is vital.

Luckily, getting it right isn’t too difficult.

What you’ll see me repeat through all of these articles is a simple formula: cost + markup = price. What this means is that the price you’re going to charge your client is the price that you’re going to pay plus the money that you want to make.

For most agencies, the markup part is simple. You’re going to charge a 20% to 50% markup on all of your services. This part can be difficult to get right, but this is the variable that’s easiest to tweak. The general rule is that your markup should be equivalent to the amount of value you’re providing in the deal.

The cost, really, is the difficult part. When you’re working with contractors, the number on the cost is right in front of you — it’s whatever they’re charging you — but that isn’t always the cost that you’re going to plug into this equation. You need to figure out your cost for the entire service you’re offering.

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  1. Thank you for this amazing content ! Can you share with us the pricing sheets please?

  2. How could I get access to the files? I entered my information and haven't received anything. Thanks

  3. Quick question for someone who has done this already. Let’s say a company needs email marketing done. A service like mailchimp could be used to create these email marketing campaigns but who is responsible paying for these costs (as far as monthly recurring bill)? Will the business owner need to have a card on file to automatically be billed for mailchimp and the agency would just manage from there account? Or is an agency buying a software like mailchimp under their own business credit card and managing a campaign for each client they have?

    If the latter is the case then what happens when a client decides to stop using an agencies services? Does the business owner give up their email marketing campaigns since the campaign is done through the agency’s mailchimp account?

    Hope that makes sense

  4. Hi! Really great content. However I could not find the Excel templates you mentioned!

  5. Hi, I’ve been very interested in starting my Marketing agency but never studied marketing ( I was doing politics before..) what expertise do I have to master to start? thanks for the vid!

  6. Awesome content! Thank you for sharing and for the references to your other videos on related topics!

  7. This is the best pricing guide. But I would just recommend ad management and monthly aniliticts be priced at 1,500$ monthly then once that goes well you can offer all the other Services after that./don’t offer all the services he listed Offer 1or2

  8. For sure, the real goat!! Am starting a digital agency and this will be handy!! Will be checking your content along the way.. thanks Jordan

  9. Hey there! Just stumbled on your channel and its great!
    I was wondering in the spreadsheet when you put in brackets the number of accounts, are you talking about Facebook/Instagram etc or two separate businesses from the same client?

  10. YouTube should give you more looks. You provide more value and content than others with the detailed approach you give. You forgot Facebook though?

  11. This is such an in depth tutorial. Really helpful. Watched it a few times now. Is there any way that I could have access to those spreadsheets?

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