price action trading strategies for beginners | support and resistance | technical analysis #shorts

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Stock Market is the place where we buy or sell shares of a company, commodities, and we trade on its derivatives.
Stock market for beginners.
If you are the beginners in stock market then you need to know the share market basics for beginners where you will learn about technical analysis.
For newbie we have trading strategies for beginners and highly successful trades are done by Price Action
Price action trading is nothing but retracing the price where the big boys or institution have a huge impact.
By understanding the zones where supply and demand of the stock we can design price action trading strategies.
In Price Action trading strategies the first and foremost you need to understand is candlesticks & candlestick patterns.
Candlesticks pattern are formed by the supply and demand.
For example in the script, price moves such as rally base rally & drop base rally consider as demand zone, drop base drop & rally base drop know as supply zone.
Understanding zones we can derive supply and demand trading strategy.
Supply and demand trading strategy are also known as support and resistance strategy.
In general market moves in between support and resistance and this movement is called sideways and if the price breaks the resistance then it is called Bullish or upwards, if it breaks the support then it is called Bearish.
Predicting which support and resistance are the strongest and trading with the guidelines of its level is called support and resistance trading strategy.
This Stock market courses videos in this channel covers stock market for beginners or investing for beginners then it is the place you learn price action trading strategies, Central Pivot Range trading strategy, supply and demand or support and resistance trading strategy, Camarilla Trading strategy and etc…


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