Poweroak Solar Generator Review

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I have been testing the Poweroak solar generator products for a few weeks now and really putting them through their paces, testing them beyond their limits to understand how robust they truly are.

Poweroak PS5B-UK –
Poweroak AC50 UK –
Poweroak EB150 UK –
Dokio 200W Folding Solar Panel –

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  1. If the big one can run the whole van for 11 hours, and the other two aren't powerful enough to connect to the EHU, I'm not sure what the point of them is. It's an expensive way to charge a phone and laptop

  2. Hi sorry for a question a year late- I’m looking at the bigger model as a power solution for a while as moving into a caravan for six months in a field with no power. Thing is, the caravan leisure battery will still power the lights and water pump, so can the poweroak be used to charge the vans battery?

  3. Hello! We are looking at a van build, and as you mentioned, we would like to make this the only power source. Seems a simple all in one solution.

    Question I had, I envision I could maybe put this near the door of a van conversion, and plug everything I need into it, e.g. fridge, power strip, usb outlets which will all be spread out in the van. How would I be able to wire up lighting, or a water pump to this? Items which need power that are not in a traditional format such as a 3 pin plug, or a USB socket? As I mentioned, we are looking to build a self build van, but don't want the fuss of the individual components.

    Great video, and keep up the good work!

  4. Good Morning John and Mandy. Hope you are both well. Not long now before we can all get back on the road. Just had our jabs! I see the Big PowerOak is still out of stock on Amazon but I am going to get one through your affiliate link on your recommendation when back in stock. I am VERY untechnical, (if that is a word?) and could I ask your advice on the following please John: 1- If I am at a Campsite is there a way to charge the PowerOak straight from the campsites hook up? I normally have a big Blue lead that plugs my motorhome or caravan in to the mains. Can I do the same with the PowerOak or do I have to plug the van into the mains and then the PowerOak into the AC of the van? (hope that makes sense?) If so do I need another lead or adapter or is it supplied? 2 – Can you recommend a portable A/C unit or Fan system that would work with the PowerOak? We are hopeful going to be spending time in Portugal / Spain (when allowed) and if we are wild camping with no main supply what would you recommend to keep the van cool? I thought maybe use solar to charge the PowerOak and then some sort of portable AC unit to cool the van at night? I Do they make portable AC units under I think you said 1000 watts for the Invertor? (I may have got that wrong?) Thank you as aways for your support and motivation. Kindest regards Richard & Julia

  5. Hi guys, loving the channel. Last week I bought a Ford Transit Connect and am going to be pimping her up. I'm thinking of getting a Poweroak AC50S and running a solar panel to it. This seems an ideal solution for a space confined RV. Can you please suggest the most efficient flexible solar panel for this set up? Do I go 150w or 200w? Have you a link for which panel to go for or are they much the same? Thanks for the informative videos and thanks for the advice in advance. See you on the road soon.

  6. If you were going to use them as a simple van instal are there any pro/cons of setup between them, access to charging sockets etc

  7. Question here to the community… could you use this to replace the AC hookup so that you can AC charge the VAN / Leisure battery and power the internal pre wired VAN electrics that in turn run off 12V when the VAN is 240 AC hooked up, fridge, Truma etc… I expect you to say yes just plug the External Hookup AC into the Power Oak 🙂

    Ok so let me get a little adventurous now becasue plugging in the VANs hookup into the PowerOak means for most that the PowerOak is outside.
    Is it possible to just plug the PowerOak into an internal pre wired 240v AC socket and backfeed the electricity like my home Solar grid tied Micro Inverter does? It may not be legal but do you see any reason it would not work as described below so I can keep the PowerOak internal?

    Same use case described above which is your off grid powering your fridge, lights, Truma from the Leisure battery 12v but using the PowerOak to feed the 240v sockets and in turn recharge the Leisure and Van battery as if you were hooked up but connected to an internal wired AC socket?

    p.s When I mention Truma above I mean to power the fans using any heat as GAS only. For sure I am not daft enough to suggest the battery would heat the VAN. Basically I want to extend the installed Leisure capacity and keep the 12v batteries in the VAN topped up 🙂


  8. Good video. Why not call it what it is "a power station". Solar charging is only one of three or four methods these units can be charged. They are a true game changer, and hopefully with greater competition they will be more affordable. It seems that PowerOak are leading this market at the moment.

  9. hi John, I've just started following you and am close to purchasing one of the solar generators. However, I am undecided as to which. You mentioned that one of the solar generators is able to jump start the engine battery. is this the case for the 500W (the orange boxy one) and if so, what additional wiring do I need?

  10. Hi John I am just adding the final touches to my Boxer conversion and like you my missus likes her coffee. I have a 2000W Krueger modified sine wave inverter however it will not power my 1200W nespresso machine. I have 2 100ah batteries in parallel and the inverter is definitely working as it powers everything else I have tried with it. Have you any thoughts on the matter?

  11. Hi John on those power oak Units how many times did you recharge your MacBook Pro and wife question do you think you could use a small hairdryer many thanks Colin

  12. Just watched this video John and I must say these look brilliant, i'm just starting my van build and one of these would be perfect for the job so I better get saving my pennies ,a bit expensive but look well worth the money , stay safe ,ATB Paul

  13. John I was after a blueitti about a year ago but none would deliver to the uk let alone have uk socket do you have a link ? I think when I was looking they where over £1000, Many thanks Ray K uk

  14. I've got the middle one – the orange one – and I have to keep charging it up every day. Run my laptop only off of it, if I put my phone on it too (via a USB lead) the darn thing goes flat real quick. The top slab where you're supposed to rest your phone doesn't work at all. Wonder why, did I get a duff one?!

  15. Hi John, would any of these generators be capable of charging an ebike 650wh battery, instead of installing inverter system to my day van, thanks?

  16. Hi John, I currently have an off grid garage. What generator would you advise. Devices used in there are the generic computer, TV, occasional game consoles. Most pressure devices would be power tools such as simple DIY stuff so like jigsaw machines, grinders etc. Nothing heavy or industrial standard but do occasionally get used. The second generator you showed seems to do the job for me however still not entirely sure, any advice you could offer or point me in the direction of what I should be look for ?

  17. sorry still can’t find where you say about charging with cigarette charger while driving I won’t bother asking anything again but you did say if you have any questions put them in here you obviously can’t be bothered to explain

  18. Hi John, Im Looking To Buy The Orange Station But They Are Out Of Stock !! Do You Still Have Your One And If So Would You Be Willing To Sell It?? Keep Safe Mat x

  19. Hi John,thanks for your videos,are great,we have just had delivered the 1500watt solar gennie,but we didn't get a 12 volt charger cable,we are hoping we can charge it through an inverter,is this possible,or is this model not able to charge with 12 volt, hope this? Makes sense, thank you in advance.

  20. Hi John I have a 120 w solar panel fitted to my Burstner Lyseo 700, would the 300 w model solar generator be the best solution and if so how long would it take to charge the generator from solar only? Great videos as always entertainly put together. many Thanks Alex

  21. Hi John, hope your well.. bit of topic here but I'm converting an old library vehicle and I'm stuck on my water system (ie: water heater) ideally I would like an instant hot water heater not gas. I have a 3000w inverter and 2 110amp leisure batteries with electrical hook also Can you point me in the right direction, any help would me much appreciated. Many thanks

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