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Power BI vs Excel Dashboards – And the winner is…

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An unbiased comparison between Power BI and Excel for building dashboards, including comparisons between key features and pros and cons of each, so you can make an educated decision on which is best for your needs.

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Learn Excel Dashboards here:

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  1. Hello, I have query, if possible can you please help me.
    I have project is converting excel dashboard to Power BI. I stuck in adding time in secondary Y axis. I want time as it is. Whenever i tried adding in the line value, it's converting to count or average etc.. i need no calculation.

  2. Indeed another great video of yours Mynda! Have you also run to "Call to Excel Services failed" error? would you mind to share any workaround please? I'm using Office365. Thanks for all your videos! I'm learning a lot!

  3. Hello Please should I be advanced in EXCEL before learning POWER BI?
    Thanks for the video

  4. Can I sync and share some kind of Excel dashboard without One drive Bussiness, Share Point (companies have) and Power BI as a personal excel user? I want to share it with just my friend and don't want to use bussiness apps

  5. I have learned so much from your videos…thank you. I want to prevent the bar graphs in my Excel dashboard from moving. I tried protecting the dashboard sheet. But the expand/collapse button @ 4:44 becomes useable after protecting the dashboard. How can i protect the dashboard but still use +/- buttons for drilling? I thought about disabling moving and resizing the bar graph (just like a slicer) but this function is not an option for graphs (or objects). I hope you have tips for me…thank you for the help!

  6. Hi, thanks this is very useful. the only struggle i have with Excel dashboards so far is that with a 100mb file (around 700.000 data lines (not more than 15 columns, but formulas in about 7 columns), the file opening/saving takes a lot of time … do you have any tipps how to resolve that problem?
    thanks and br,Zsolt

  7. Hi Mynda! After watching your great videos I build in Excel a dashboard. I created the data in Query, that results in a table. From the table I created Pivot tables. I have noticed that my pivot tables do not refresh with the most recent data even if I refresh the table, refresh the powerpivot, or refresh all data. I also tried unchecking Enable background refresh and still it does not work. Do you have any idea on how to solve this? Thanks a lot!

  8. Very good analysis.Power BI has immense analytical capabilities but the dynamics and the flexibility excel offers will be too much to give up . I am not even talking about pivot table or VBA ,am talking about combining functions and having full determination of the grid . You can visualise multiple sets of analysis on the same graph. Volume remains a limitation ,but that depends on the kind of data one usually deal with .Many people dont require a million rows of data. But your analysis has made me realise i need to explore power BI more .Thanks

  9. Hello Mindy,

    I work ad a non-profit organization as a volunteer and i am building a dashboard wat needs to be seen by a number of peaple. I use one vsc file as data source. What us the best way to show this online and be able to update it. Without making it cost a lot.

    Thank you for this video.


  10. Very good post! 🙂 but just a question, if I am using 64-bit excel for power pivot, can others open/refresh the file even if they only have 32-bit office? Thanks in adv!

  11. Kindly assist. I have very many CSV files containing share prices which I need to merge in power query. each file contains data for a specific company. They all have the date column from 2010 to 2021. I want to have a final single output file in which the first column is the date , next column is the company, and then share price.(I.E extract only company and share prices from all other csv files since dates are the same–and discard other irrelevant columns) NB I do not want to append each file at the bottom of another but instead use common column headers. for instance the company column should contain all companies. and a given row should show the date, company and share price. Thanks.

  12. Very very good! one small remark: True that the visuals in Excel don't interact. But I realy like the fact that if you use multiple slicers for one table to explore the data, these slices do interact. After selecting one or more options from one slicer, you can see which options of the other slicer are available. I heard that this option is quite memory intensive by the way….

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