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Power BI Update – November 2021

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Our anomaly detection algorithm detects that there is an anomaly this month: Anomaly Detection is in preview! Also, we are announcing a preview of the new Field List and the Model View. We are adding a fan-favorite: the Visual Zoom Slider! In the Service, endorsements for datasets and dataflows are extended to reports and apps, enabling business users to be confident they are making decisions based on the right data. Read on to explore and discover more in this month’s update. #Microsoft #PowerBI

New Field List (preview) — 00:15
New Model View (preview) — 1:01
Apply all filters is now generally available — 01:38
Visual zoom slider — 02:40
Data point rectangle select extended to Map visual — 3:05
Anomaly Detection (preview) — 03:19
Q&A now supports partial matching data values — 07:18
Data Connectivity
Hive LLAP connector generally available — 07:41
New connectors — 08:07
Certified and Promoted reports and apps — 08:55
The ‘new look’ of the Power BI service is live — 09:56
Power BI Automation and APIs — 10:19
Power BI Embedded Analytics
New Q&A embed experience — 10:46
Enhanced samples for Power BI developers — 11:08
New visualizations — 11:28
Forecast visual by Predmac
Download —
Global Launch Estimated by TheraTraq
Download —
Lollipop Column Chart by Nova Silva
Download —
Dynamic KPI Card by Sereviso
Download —
Shielded HTML View by Nova silva
Download —
TheraTraq Timeline Circle by TheraTraq
Download —
Workforce by TheraTraq
Download —
Updated visualizations — 11:59
Zebra BI 4.4
Learn more —
Download —
New visual by ZoomCharts: Drill Down Map PRO
Learn more —
Download —
xViz Scatter/Bubble chart
Learn more —
Download —
Editor’s Picks — 12:20
Bowtie Chart by MAQ Software
Download —
Collaborate visual by valQ
Download —
Collage by CloudScope
Download —
Drill Down Donut PRO by ZoomCharts
Download —
Fetch more data API 3.4 — 12:39
Enhanced testing of your developed custom visual — 13:16

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