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  1. Where is the download sample data to go with this tutorial? Without data how do you expect anyone to get hands-on experience?

  2. Hi !! Really a great video and i want to clarify one doubt. When we transform the data and make some changes to the data, these all the changes, may i know where it will be stored? Is there any storage thing for the modifications if we made(In transform data). If YES please tell me. Thanks in advance.

  3. I can not believe he did not demonstrate. everyone can do the same job: reading some script

  4. Geez these people drone on and on. They should go watch some Corey Schafer videos to see how it should be done.

  5. what happens when i realized the data was wrong? so do i need to reimport and restart the whole thing?

  6. i notice that when you create per month, you have to pull in another set of data with just 'month'. can we actually used just 1 data table, and do some group by 'month' for that specific chart. while other chart using the original data?

  7. It doesn't work with personal email id or what? Everytime it prompts an organization email id!

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