Portable Solar Power Pack and PV Review – Part 1

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A list of parts for the project can be found here:

This is the start of a new solar project. I also give a brief overview of different solar panel technologies with their pros and cons.

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20 comentários em “Portable Solar Power Pack and PV Review – Part 1

  1. what do you think it could happen if Hotwire a 21V PV to a Notebook rated 20v? i predict it will work just fine as long the notebook still have the battery inside the ups and downs of the PV wouldn't make deference but im not sure and i got no notebook to try guess ill find one To do! any advice?

  2. Hi Michelle. I don't use the unit that often now but it still operates fine. The only issue it does have is that the lithium powerpack will drain if left connected with no sun…it needs a diode on the charge input to prevent that.

  3. @redefyne Thanks. Ok, the solar panel is directly connected to Energizer which can accept the higher voltage of the panel. I then connect the battery / inverter to the 12 volt output of the Energizer as it requires 12 volt to operate / charge. Hope that helps.

  4. @garyhgaryh Hi Gary, the 3 pin connectors I have came with the PowerSource. I think it will be difficult to find an aftermarket connector. I would suggest carefully soldering your own wires onto the pins with heat shrink and then use your own connector on the wires (Anderson Powerpole). Cheers, Martin.

  5. @mjlorton Martin, thank you very much, that helps me out! I have a protech dc power supply which I'll be using to charge my duracell powersource. Problem is getting to those pins with the aligator clips I have. Are those aftermarket 3-pin connectors you have?

  6. @garyhgaryh Hi Gary, if you look at the PowerSource 100 the pins are as follows:
    Pin 1. (-) negative
    Pin 2. (+) positive
    Pin 3. (+) positive

    The reason behind both 2 & 3 being positive: pin 2 is used by the car charger when I think allows for more current while pin 3 is used by the wall charger, which is limited to 1 amp. In my application I tie both Pins 2 & 3 together and it works fine.
    Hope that helps,

  7. Hi mjlorton —
    Looking at the Duracell powersource mobile 100 in your video, which pin of the three pin is positive? I don't have a charger for mine and want to put 13.5 volts on 2 of the 3 pins to charge it.
    Thanks much!

  8. @vang7733 The Duracell power pack has it's own built in charge controller and in my setup it receives 12 volts for charging from the Energizer power pack. The blue power meter I use is a Watts Up! meter.

  9. If you want really good quality panels try Sanyo.
    They aren't cheap, but they are the technology leader.

    Also, with low voltage DC currents, the length of cable has a large influence on the total current. Keep it short.

  10. Thanks for your comments Bas. I'm just intrigued by the technology and keen to see what it can and can't do…so I guess it's a hobby ;-).
    Cheers, Martin. KD8LON

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