PORTABLE 100 Watt SOLAR PANEL SHOWDOWN! Rockpals vs Jackery Review With SHOCKING Results!

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We do a head to head comparison review between the new Jackery SolarSaga 100 v2 and the Rockpals 100w portable solar panels and find out something totally shocking during testing. Jackery SolarSaga 100 Watt Solar Panel: (Amazon +tax Rockpals 100w Folding Solar Panel: (Amazon

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  1. Thank you for cutting your the chase ! So tired of these lengthy videos showing opening product boxes, music all this other useless footage! So exhausting. You’re videos are awesome!

  2. I chose a TwelSeavan 120W folding panel that is very similar to the Rockpals, but it also adds a USB-C 60W PD output. Would the Raccoon approve? It arrives in a few days. After watching this review I hope mine doesn't have a similar problem with MPPT solar generators, which is what is in my new Jackery 300 (they switched from PWM to MPPT for the new 300 model). It was $80 cheaper than the Jackery panel too, with a 2 year warranty. Worst case, the new Jackery can charge via the built-in 60W USB-C PD port, as it goes in and out now. Fingers crossed…

  3. I died laughing when that lady appeared in the back and you looked back without even saying a word about it. Lolololol

  4. What are your thoughts on the Jackery brand solar panels (100 watt x 4 that come with the Jackery 1500 solar generator) VS the DOKIO 300 watt panels (would get a set of 2) What do you think of the Dokio brand vs Jackery? Would love your input! THANK YOU!! LOVE YOUR SCIENCE-Y reviews!! =D

  5. Just bought jackery panel. FedEx left it in a puddle, in pouring rain, under the roof overhang. Box so saturated it fell apart. Panel had water inside_ poured out on my floor when I took it out. Anyone know – do I just plug it in and hope for the best? Don’t have a bag of rice this big.

  6. Why don't they have a revolving
    Base for the panels? Put a heat sensor on it so it self tracs

  7. Any suggestions on the Jackery 100W vs the Renogy 100W panels? The same or a significant difference

  8. Hey! Question for ya…If I wanted to use the Jackery solar panels to charge my on board coach battery under my hood, what charge controller would I need?

  9. U are so helpful Hobo. Trying to decide if Jackery solar saga 200 watt is worth it! Your friend is cute!

    are the Jackery 200 solar panels worth it? I want an easy moving, rugged, strong, efficient panel. I don't mind paying more if it is worth it. I finally got my prepper panels out to use and those things are heavy to move around. I hated it!!!

  11. This DIY'er like to see prices. Anything else you have say is a waist of my important time.

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  13. You set in in an active cougar area that day. Your bound to encounter wild life when out in the wild. 😉

  14. I’m surprised the Professor didn’t notice that the Rockpals was delivering max watts at 14.5 volts, while the Bluetti needs a minimum of 16 volts to charge properly.

    The biggest problem with this Rockpals model isn’t the way it charges, it’s that it doesn’t have fold-out supports (the newer Rockpals model does have them).

    I got my Rockpals panel on a sale for $159, which is a great value compared to the $300 Jackery panel. If you put the Rockpals on a power station that charges at 14 volts or less it works great, but the lack of kickstands is still annoying.

    I also have the Bluetti 120 watt panel, which is lighter, smaller, has kickstands, charges at a higher voltage, and performs better overall than the Rockpals, but it costs the same as the Jackery.

    For less than $200 and for a power station that will charge at 14 volts or less, the Rockpals panel isn’t bad.

    Edit: Tom addressed the voltage issue in a separate video comparing four different solar panels.

  15. Do you have a video on explaining volts, amps and watts? I mean really explaining it in crayon for morons like myself that just can't seem to grasp it? The garden hose analogy just doesn't work for me. Great video!

  16. Good video. Your troubles charging the Bluetti with the Rockpals caused me to reconsider my purchase of the Bluetti AC50S. The Rockpals uses an 8mm connector which is compatible with Jackery. Bluetti documentation say it requires a DC7909 connector which appears to be similar but not identical.

    Found on the Bluetti forum (unconfirmed by me): "Bluetti uses a three-conductor 7.9mm barrel connector and solders the (+) cable to both the center pin and to the inner shell, soldering the (-) cable to the outer shell. This can be easily confirmed by CAREFULLY measuring the voltage coming from a Bluetti charger’s 8mm barrel connector, holding your voltmeter’s black (-) probe against the outershell of the 8mm connector, while using the red (+) probe to measure first the voltage at the inner shell (42V) and then at the center pin (again, 42V).

    “Now try that with an 8mm-terminated charging cable made for Jackery or one of the other products that accepts an 8mm plug – the center pin will be dead (0V), with only the inner shell of the barrel connector being hot” I.e. (+) on the inner shell and (-) on the outer shell. 0V on the center pin for the Jackery 8mm.

    Curious if you tested the Rockpals using the supplied Bluetti DC7909 to MP4 cable adapter and hooked it to the Rockpals that way.

    As always, appreciate your informative and enjoyable videos.

  17. I'm definitely going to test everything I buy in the future. Gotta catch this weirdness during the return window.

  18. After deploying a rigid renogy panel for a few years I might consider a folding model but wow jack’s is 3x more expensive. Also heard their customer service has really dropped off.

  19. Hey, really enjoying your vids. I am looking for a portable 12v /AV/DC refrig/freezer AND a portable solar powered power station with a wide range of power source… a total package. Just needing portable equipment for food maintenance while of the grid. What say ye FOR MINIMALIST! TIA

  20. Interesting… last July I was shocked to see an actual 100w going into my jackery 1000 from That same Rock Pals hundred watt panel.

  21. The unnatural credit quickly answer because pair intrinsically measure against a dapper thing. concerned, dark richard

  22. Is the Jackery SolarSaga 100W compatible w/ the Jackery Power Station Explorer 240 and would you happen to have a biggest discount code for the double purchase? You've convinced me!

  23. I'm curious about the chicken coop @6:18 . is it something you designed yourself or just happened to be there?

  24. Solar charging an escooter battery (650w, 36v, 18.2ah) via two 3-pin inline male outlet with a small very portable folding solar panel like the 70w x-dragon solar panel (folds to 13x7x2"). what are your thoughts using something this small to help gain some extra emergency miles charge and maybe not be stranded? and adapting a 3-pin inline female plug to one of several different types of small outlets on the x-dragon?

  25. The new Jackery 500 solar systems (version 2) now has the MPPT controller and not the old pwm. Does that mean that this Rockpal solar station will yield the same LOW results on the new Jackery as it does on the Bluetti? I was thinking about buying this solar system with the NEW Jackery 500 but not if I am going to get less than 50w!

  26. I appreciate the info. On a production standpoint, you need to project a lot more confidence if you're going to play this character. For instance right at the 30 second point when you say "the one for you" and you sort of trail off… Anti-climatic. That's what she said 🙂
    End that with a fist pump and a shout. If you're going to be a weirdo delivery guy, then be the weirdo delivery guy: don't half-ass it!! I'm sure I'm coming across wrong. I've been doing that for 50 years, get in line 🙂 but my advice is solid on this one. It's a lot of work to make videos like this, I understand. People don't know how much work it is. So go ahead and sell the character good and hard while you have audience.
    And a small tech note, I've been a photographer for 25 years, but that wouldn't be necessary to tell you to move fully into shade or into sun, shade preferred with the side lighting or backlighting but don't let the spotty lighting cut across your face like this.

  27. Nobody heard anything you said in minute 5. I am so glad you didn't take that out or reshoot it.

  28. I got a rock pals for around $100 on sale for my Jackery 500. It has been great for me.

  29. What are affordable good solar panel options for the ecoflow? The ecoflow solar panel cost $400

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