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Porsche 911 Turbo S vs AWD Turbo K Civic Coupe $60,000 POT!💰💰

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Man what a night! What a great race! We also had a large crowd tune in on our IG live as well! The race was setup for 50,000 a side, but later on that night the porsche side came up with an astonishing amount of 62,000, in which the honda group can only match up to 30,000. So the total pot came out to 60,000! The race went down and it looked great.! More info in the video!
es1200 991

shoutout to @ishootyou for the gopro angles!!

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  1. I literally have my screen paused right when the light went off, porsche is still in the EXACT same spot it was when they were lined up. Porsche won period. Honda boys were sore losers

  2. Dumb. Put a REAL Turbo Civic out there like Frustrate or the CC Civic…

  3. I'm a honda guy … but that porshe though let's be real it's fucking shit up lol

  4. if u slow the vid down to .25 he moves like maybe 1/8 of an inch before the light. Idk what to make of it.

  5. 60k on the line, thousand bucks of car mods and they can't even get a proper drag starting lights?

  6. So sad, K man didn't pay man! You got a clear winner and Porsche driver just really good at reaction times!

  7. just play it in 0.25 speed and pausing it every frame you will see that the porche start 3 frames before the flash. its insane best timing ever you need to think about the reaction time witch is oround 0.3sec. +step on gas is 0.5 +engine i think we are at 1.1 second. he jump it theres no way have a start under 0.3 sec. the formula have 0.5 second with a move.

  8. Who the hell was working all the gas stations and carry outs that night?? All the owners were there! Lol

  9. You know homie was serious once he said he’ll move to another continent if he lose.

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