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Pionex simple grid bot explination and how it works if the trade goes against you

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Pionex is an exchange designed for the trading bot. Great liquidity which aggregates from multiple other exchanges, 10 trading bots built-in, and very low trading fee – 0.05%. Join with me today 👉

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Link to the pionex beginners and help group
Link to the official pionex telegram group
Beware scammers posing as admin or tech support, admins will never message you first, simply post on the telegram if you have any issues wait for a admin or get help from the group. Never respond to anyone that messages you first.

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  1. hey, thank you for your time, do you know what the deal is with not being able to use the futures feature anymore is that restricted to everybody or just certain people or do you have to apply for something now cuz I was freely able to use it before and now it's sometimes rejection comes up all the sudden saying no manual orders.

  2. Sir, one doubt What if I Placed a grid of any coin from 35 to 40 and suppose that coin comes low to 30, in that case, what will happen? Will it resume until it reaches 35 or will it close all trades?

  3. Does it buy only when the price is going down in the green sector ? o does it starts buy olso if the price is going down…. but still in the red sector?

  4. Could you whisper any softer? Shit…lay off the tofu and get some protein, mate.

  5. The Take Profit field accepts how much you can take or price index?

  6. I just started 3 Bots. But what I am wondering is can you explain profits? I understand the value of what your holding can go up-and-down determining your profit. But also isn't the bot accumulating more of the cryptocurrency which is increasing your holdings? I'm really confused at what to be looking at.

  7. Please you have to be very careful, Bitcoin it's helping alot but it depends on who you're trading with, I'm an engineer and I have been into it, I have a very good manager only if you're interested, I will direct you to him or message him on whatsapp +12067859169

  8. Has Pionex changed their details screen. I'm not seeing details such as Total sell/buy orders and net buy price on my Placed screen?

  9. Do you see any disadvantage of using many grids compare to few grids? I now more grids less profit per grid but more trades will be performed!
    I mean imagine I have a bot with grid spacing of 1% and other bot with grid spacing of 0.5% which one is more profitable?

  10. Are realized grid profits automatically reinvested in the bot so the gains are compounded?

  11. I don't understand clearly how "trigger price" feature works. Do you mean that when price moves ABOVE and out of our range, the bot will wait until it reaches the trigger price, which should be somewhere inside the range?

  12. Just make sure your grid is big enough to allow for unexpected moves is what I am hearing.

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