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Pionex Review 2021 – Best [Free] Crypto Trading Bots Inc. Grid Bot & Spot Futures Arbitrage Guide

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This is my full Pionex Review 2021. In this video, I will be explaining who this company is and why I like them. I’ve been making excellent profits so far from their free crypto trading bots, including their free grid bot and their impressive spot futures arbitrage bot.

Feel free to skip around this video using these timestamps;
00:00 Pionex Review
2:10 About Pionex Exchange
6:37 Best Crypto Trading Bots From Pionex
9:04 Spot Futures Arbitrage Bot Explained
15:13 Grid Bot Explained
15:52 Crypto Trading Bot Returns (So Far)
27:03 How To Deposit Funds
28:05 How To Set Up Grid Bot With Pionex
36:39 Spot Futures Arbitrage Bot Setup Guide
44:55 Conclusion – Free Crypto Trading Bots From Pionex

If you’re looking for crypto trading bots then look no further! You can get started with Pionex Exchange with just $50 and have your first bot live within seconds! This makes the ideal for beginners as well as experts.

Pionex is a crypto exchange owned by BitUnirverse. Pionex have well over 100,000 customers and has the same FinCen license as Binance. Their crypto bots are completely free to use and their fees are fixed at an incredibly low rate of 0.05%.

To get started simply open an account here – and deposit some funds. From there you can easily get started with your first crypto trading bot.

I have been looking for the best crypto bots for quite some time and in 6 weeks of testing (at the time of making this video) I have made around 15% profit. That’s an excellent start and I’m excited to see what will happen with my results as the compounding starts to happen. Get started with Pionex crypto trading bots today!

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  1. Great video that I've just watched again. One thing seemingly missed is when you're setting up the grid bots, the amount needed to invest is pretty big with the lower risk setings and all those grids, like I think it was around 700usd to setup the btc/usd grid bot.

  2. Grid Bot: Has any importance if you open the grid at support, resisten or in betwen?

  3. there are some not-so-fav reviews on Trustpilot – any views there? Has anyone actually try to withdraw their funds from Pionex?

  4. Hi Jonathan, thank you for you honest reviews on everything, hope you won’t change the ethos of your channel. Sadly some of the people out there do reviews just to get a return sharing their link just for an extra profit, without really caring about the actual value.

    I would like to ask you if you heard about assentia masternode e what’s your opinion about it. It looks a really nice opportunity, with a good ROI. looking forward to hear from you.

  5. Well! That’s awesome vid!

    But have you heard about CatzCoin? I stocked some of Catz token on CoinMarketCap, it was EZ and profitable. should I go on investing in it?

  6. Hi Jonathan, I wondered if you've been using the arbitrage bot over the last few days with big dips and how the bots managed it? Thanks

  7. Hi Jon. Great review thanks. I have mailed you a few times with a question I have. I look forward to hearing from you. 🙂 Ed

  8. How did your bots handle the recent crash? I'm rather interested in your answer, kind regards

  9. Hi Jon,

    Have you tried the 3commas platform? That uses grid bots. I use the platform but only for the Smart Trades feature as I found their bots required a lot of management. Only really interested in set and forget bots that either have a solid starting strategy or can dynamically adapt to market conditions.

  10. Awesome and unbiased review Jonathan. I just subscribed to your channel and looking forward to more reviews of the bots and comparisons.

  11. Hello sir. Please make a video about your settings for ETH/USDT pair, where you gained about 30%. Much appreciated. Thank you!

  12. man, spot future is taking so long to lock in lol it even shows it going about 0.1 a bunch of times lol

  13. interesting video, thank you for the insight. It will be interesting to see how the bots hold up after the last 24 hours decline

  14. What do you mean by “release profit”
    Withdraw profit ?
    Put back the profit into the balance for more trading
    Or to reset the percentage growth statistics ?
    Not quite clear over that aspect, to me maybe
    Thanks in advance !

  15. Great video and i have just signed up. One question you may know or others have accounted. I transferred over BTC from Binance which has been received by Pionex but i cant seem to get a USTD balance to display anything other than'$0' under the trading robots. Did you encounter anything similar?

  16. Which pair is possible to start bot with 50€? Anything I choose its atleast 450€ or even more.

  17. "Pionex charges 10% of the profit from the spot-futures arbitrage bot. Half of the profit will be put into the Arbitrage SAFU fund for the arbitrage bot users. More details in the announcement."

    Hey Jonathan, another great and very interesting video. I cut the above statement out from the Pionex spot-arb page. Do you expect to have an affiliate link to reduce user charges, or do you think this is unlikely to occur on a free service?

    Also, Trustpilot shows rather mixed reviews on Pionex, just wondered what your thoughts were on these too.

  18. Great video and content as always! Been looking for crypto bot trade platform for quite some time now, I just have a quick question around Using the AI strategy vs setting your own, I would assume that the AI strat is far more risky as the grid it sets a lot closer… but how much more risky is it?

  19. WOW! will have to watch this one a few times for the future. Still very happy with Yield Nodes.

  20. Hello Jonathan. Do you have any quick tips on how to avoid or reduce the high network fees that Coinbase charges for transfer of USDT to the Pionex wallet? Thx for any tips

  21. Great video! You always make sure to do your research before making a video, you earned yourself a referral, I'll have to take some money out of yieldnodes and put it on pionex. Make sure to keep us posted on what bots you create and what settings you use on them. Thank you

  22. Great video as always. I will definitely look into it and try it out. It is a good idea to compare the Pionex crypto performance against traditional fiat forex robots in the period to come…looking forward to it!

  23. How are you doing with Ranger atm? A lot of people are getting ready to take a huge loss right now.

  24. Haha, this is exactly the one i was referring to in the comments of your last video. I really like Pionex. Another good review

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