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Pavement Optional: A Washington BDR Adventure

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One of the perks of life in the Pacific North West is having access to large amounts of public land. Those of us who live here are incredibly fortunate to live in a place where the outdoors and public lands are respected by so many.

One of the gems here in Washington state is the “WA Backcountry Discovery Route” (WABDR). The WABDR is a 575 mile route that cuts through the Cascades from the Columbia River to the Canadian Border. Every summer, folks in 4x4s and on adventure motorcycles explore the roads less traveled.

Back Country Discover Routes (BDR®)
All this is made possible by a non-profit, volunteer-powered organization that creates off-highway routes for dual-sport and adventure motorcycle travel. In addition, they promote rider education, safety campaigns and responsible travel for motorcyclists traveling in the backcountry.

Look them up and support them (

Thanks for Riding along,


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  1. Love your videos, but your music is too loud and we can not hear what you are saying.

  2. Hi GrizzLee, you have inspired me and my friends over the years to ride up to Bella Coola and to ride the IDBDR. I am considering riding the WABDR from Ellensburg to Conconully and camping along the way. I noticed you don't ride the GS 1200 anymore, and have scaled down to the 650. Do you think you would ride your 1200 on those sections of the WABDR?

  3. Great video. Thanks for sharing. (it's been a while since we made the Magruder Crossing .)

  4. I don’t understand how the moon landing audio fits in with the video. Someone clue me in please.

  5. Hi what type of snake was that? I rode my mountain bike on a section of the Kettle Valley Railway in B.C. and rode over a snake that had a diamond pattern on its back, my friend said it was a rattlesnake but I was not going back to take a look.

  6. I have enjoyed all your films over the years.Great scenery and good motorcycle adventures by someone with a good personality.

  7. Great video.
    How do you rate the difficulty of the WABDR to the Idaho BDR?
    Looks like the WABDR to be slightly more difficult.

  8. Great video man. I made it into the vid at the campground and Conconully at the restaurant when you passed us lol. I thought I saw ya pass us while we were in the restaurant. Those Canadians were a great group.

  9. Nice job, did i miss you mentioning when you did the trip?? Thanks! well done vid editing!

  10. Grizz, enjoyed the video, Immensely!!! Keep them coming. Merry Christmas and Cheers, Mate.

  11. Great video Grizz, keep them coming! They're always entertaining to watch with a good cup of Joe. I'm still riding the Wing but those new GSA's are pulling at me pretty hard. lol
    Enjoy yours…I hear they are pretty awesome! I look forward to seeing it in your future videos. Be safe and Merry Christmas my friend! ~ Barry

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