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master wu soulmate drawing chinese psychic reacting soul mate

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26 comentários em “PAID FOR MORE PSYCHIC DRAWINGS | #MasterWu

  1. The second psychic I tried that person too and I asked for a colored version. I have no idea who the person is, but the info they gave pointed to someone that I already dated and to my knowledge he is happily married. They said that we are going to meet at a restaurant or some sort of gathering which will be hard because I don't really eat out anymore. I think I did the 4th one too because I got a notice as well to not show it. Which made me wonder if they send the same pic to everyone and tell them not to show it, so they don't get caught? =D
    Both drawings were way different, BUT they both kind of look like guys I already know know. As I said before 1 is married and the other one doesn't want to be in relationships at all. shrug

  2. hey im your soulmate,let's get married, i have black hair and beard . Lets get married . Psychic can only predict things based on your frequency and your experience, if your vibration changes with the universe, a whole new world is created for you. Your thought is vibrated and captured by universe and then projected in the material world. You can change everything based on your emotion.

  3. i just happened to see the masters add and then searched for reveiws and saw u.
    i am new to your channel and all i got to say is; YOU GOT A RARE NATURAL and funnyTALENT in COMMUNICATING……….and suggest you go big…….and hence are definitely worth dating

  4. I got a master wang drawing for fun and it was a nice picture haha the nose was oddly specific and unique, I did a reverse image search lmao nothing came up so maybe it’s a unique picture

  5. You can't show it to anyone cuz it's a stock photo that they use in rotation and dont want to get busted for being a fraud. Show it anyway….bet you will get an inbox filled with the same emails…."hey! That's the dude they sent me!"

  6. How bananas is this, I ordered this 15 hrs ago on Master Wang. I bought this as a joke so I can hang it on my wall and tell everyone that visits that she is my soulmate, she is just chillin on my wall. It's the only way we can be together haha. I seen the drawling this morning, behold I got on YouTube, your video popped up and guess what… You look exactly like my drawling, so not only will she be just lounging out on my wall collecting dust, there is a YouTuber who looks like her. Good Job Master Wang, I think i'll Just go make breakfast now LOL!!!

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