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Options Bot: The new 3Commas trading bot review and tips

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The cryptocurrency market is developing rapidly, providing more financial instruments and opportunities for speculation. While the glory of the Futures market is still intact, a new type of derivative gaining favor is Options, and they are breaking records.


3:20 3Commas options bot
4:29 Expiration date
6:25 Long straddle strategy
8:04 Long call strategy
8:46 Long put strategy

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  1. Thanks for the explanation MP! I have been on the fence about options trading as I found it hard to comprehend. Appreciate the detailed but understandable explanation. I don't like jumping in to things without having an understanding of the details in my noggin! This helps!

  2. Awesome video and looks like a brilliant tool!!! I'm also in Japan and therefore can't get on Deribit. Is there anyway to paper trade with the options bot? Not looking possible on my end. And is 3commas looking to add other options bot…options (lol)…other than Deribit? Thanks!!

  3. guys, I have already bought the subscription (advanced) and was looking for the education link mentioned in the homepage of your 3commas site (It says is available once you sign up) but have not been able to find it! is there some link you can share with me?

  4. Hhmm thanks for the video. Unfortunately I didn't understand nothing. Pls add to your better traders course and explain the ptions concept pls.

  5. Hi Sir, What the correct setup for API settings to connect to 3commas? coz ive seen need to have withdrawal access if you enable or not? what if i need to withdrawal then my API setting is not allowed 3commas to withdraw does it mean i need to withdrawal thru binance or ftx directly? does my earning reflected there?

  6. Hi Moonin papa, where can i find your Option Bot setup video ? I tried to find it with no luck.

  7. I want realtime workings of the options as I don't have any idea how this works though Theoretically i can grab the information, there are so many choices in the strategies which is confusing.

  8. thanks for your helpful video but I try it with 3Commas but I can't find Deribit Testnet exchange , so I contact 3Commas support team there answer disappointing for us:
    Unfortunately, Deribit testnet is not supported"

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