NO FUEL Generator! – Renewable portable power EcoFlow Delta Solar Generator

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I can say with all honesty… this mini power station ROCKS!

What is not to like? Free power generated from the sun (when I have it), I get to run my lights, charge my phone, tablet, radio & headlamp batteries. I do not run any 110V AC appliances but this mini power plant is more than capable of running most household appliances. With the EcoFlow Delta, you have an unlimited source of power for short term off-grid living, camping or an emergency grid-down scenario.

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  1. 4 car batteries a converter and a cheap solar charger is half the price and 2 times the capacity. i know, i made one. This product and the few like it are just a cash grab aimed at the people that are not paying attention.

  2. Dude! SO get it! I been living off grid since 2008! I am hoping my Maple Tree Log Home can work! I have 32 logs so far! Nice to see you online again! IT WAS A GREAT REVIEW YOU DID HERE!

  3. Bwesit n bwesit ako sa hayop ng kapit bahay…. dati maaangot at Galising aso… ngayon namay Pusang tae… Sana mangamatay n lng ! Haiiist… dati amoy aso na ako, now amoy Tae nman ng pusa!

  4. Im gonna have to live in a fort in the woods in order to save to power my fort in the woods

  5. I'm concerned about the ac plugs. No third grounding prong. How would it power a window air conditioner? They always are 3 prong… I suppose you could remove the third prong or maybe that's what the seemingly empty holes are for but if they're not actually being used it defeats the propose of that safety feature.

  6. On solar panels, any shading from a wire, tree brach, corner in the snow ect. Will drastically cut the power output of the panels.

  7. Florida summer here. Anybody recharge this with only onboard inverter ? how fast ? stated 1hour in 80% ? what size? really must be pure sine? any noticeable fuel cost? Im thinking of dumping roof top solar in favor of parking under the trees. Anybody ever try to return one of these? Will this company be around and honor their 2 year warranty? If this was sold by Home Depot or Walmart i would not hesitate.

  8. It is not "FREE" power … more like $1,400.00 ! Then add $400 worth of Solar Panels for a Grand Total ( not FREE ) of $1,800.00 <== Yikes !

  9. Cool ready made product for someone looking to just be able to plug and play. Looks like it could be useful a camping trip or remote job site. Love that it’s quiet

  10. More power to you, staying out in the beautiful country. Just wondering if you could power of two heating blankets at the same time the 110 outlet. On medium to low setting and how long could you power run .?would really appreciate any information.

  11. CLICKBAIT!… NOT a GENERATOR. It is a UPS… those things that have been around for years that contain a BATTERY and an Inverter. A solar panel IS a generator since it converts sunlight into electricity. A battery stores electricity but CANNOT create electricty. Because of this companys misleading words on their kickstarter I decided to never buy anything from them. Yes the unit looks like it is a really nice UPS. Lithium batteries, true sinewave inverter, solar panel hookup port. By the way, not a "new" product as their kickstarter claimed. A good brand is Kodiak, also a bunch of chinese brands I would not touch. TLDR: good product, lying bastard company.

  12. You have sold your integrity (assuming you had some to begin with) to Ecoflow. This is so obviously an advert for their very overpriced product. BTW, the Ecoflow 1300 is NOT a generator. It is a battery and an invertor in a fancy box. The solar panel is the generator and not a very reliable one (as you demonstrated in your video). This is a product for gullible people who believe any old bullshit and are too lazy or stupid to do some simple research for themselves.

  13. Its still using a wrapped around electronics systemt,HOW MUCH IS IT GOING TO COST AND TAKE""" TO FIX IT""???

  14. Dude – It's not a "generator" if it only stores energy from some other source…

  15. This is not a generator, it's a battery.

    In order to be a generator it has to actually generate something.

  16. Stop calling these generators! They don’t “generate” squat, they disburse stored battery power! It’s nothing more than a UPS (uninterruptible power supply). If it doesn’t include a solar charge controller and solar panel(s) then it’s a fancy battery is all. Again it doesn’t convert one energy source into another (electricity) so it is NOT A GENERATOR!

  17. that is not a generator it is a battery ( solar generator is the sun or other star like mass ) don't be stupid

  18. This is equal to 100 amp hours at 12 volts, or 11 amp hours at 110 volts, which is reasonable, BUT few 100 amp hour batteries are as light and portable.

  19. If you got a lot of money and want to use it for low power/energy applications this is probably a great choice. For the majority off grid:ers….

  20. I live off grid. I have a main generator and then multiple generators in different areas around the property for needed power.

  21. So ECO-bull aside…it's a UPS. "I can say with all honesty… this mini power station…" is not a generator, but a battery!

    "NO FUEL Generator!" – My A$$…if you have to charge it, you have to fuel it…whether via solar, hydro, thermal or just plain electric grid.

  22. Another home school fail, like to say more but I have to rush out and buy some AA Eveready Energizer Generators

  23. I get really confused on the connection for the solar panel. I wish there is a STANDARD connection for solar panels that should be universal.

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