NFT & ETHEREUM | Snoop Dogge Coins | Paris Hilton BTC NFT

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18 comentários em “NFT & ETHEREUM | Snoop Dogge Coins | Paris Hilton BTC NFT

  1. I bough t ETH and Etherium Classic today. It went up almost three dollars already! I like where it's going and it makes me think of Bitcoin. We will get rich! Just hold on. Diamond Hands!

  2. Best thing to do would be get rid of dogecoin…you’re lucky it’s this high in valuation, and buy Litecoin with the sale of all joke doge.

  3. At the point when tesla, which has for some time been probably the biggest position, changed over piece of its monetary record money into bitcoin recently. Different organizations have additionally progressively embraced digital currency, either by supporting installments and moves or really purchasing the assets The Bull run has begun an it is simply shrewd to focus available. As hard as it is tradlng Crypto, it sure is much more rewarding and is very sensible on the off chance that you simply learn and focus on what's happening, I'm not a genius trad er but rather I was sufficiently fortunate to make 7B TC since toward the end of last year following the instruct | ons and sιǫnals from David Arnett He runs program for Wealthy Elites to show, how ƚradı ภ g bitcoin works, assisting them with using the instability of the crypto market and furthermore piling up more bitcoin. You can undoubtedly get him. Ͳҽӏҽɢʀᴀᴍ ( Arnett12 )

  4. The only really good use case that I can see for NFT's is if a band or a musician sells NFT's for a song. Maybe I would consider buying an NFT for a song for a band which I like. For every time like a thousand people listen to it on Spotify, I get like a fraction of a penny per NFT in royalties. I think that all of the other use cases that I've seen so far are pretty silly.

  5. Sexy in pink! What up Luci? Diamond Hands to da Moon. It's time for me to make a rap song for my Doge fam. Love yall, my "Nonfungible token." (NFT) Army. Love you, Luci!

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  8. It was getting boring but since I subscribed to your channel you have made so much more fun. Thanks.

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