New Options Day Trading Bot Tutorial

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Whats up guys! In this episode I go over how to use the new StockedUp options day trading bot. I hope this tutorial helps everyone get a better understanding how the bot works. If you enjoyed today’s video please like and subscribe to support the channel. Thanks everyone! Happy trading!

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31 comentários em “New Options Day Trading Bot Tutorial

  1. Whats the name of this bot and where can I download it to implement on my discord server?

  2. Awesome bot! Curious how this is done. Can you code your own bot to do this or is this another site integrated into discord

  3. @StockedUp – Mike D'Antonio  Hey Mike the link to the bot is a bit hard to find, maybe try throwing it in a hero banner, or a pinned bar at the top of the page. I am a Web Dev let me know if I can be of assistance, I can email you the code in a few seconds, on the house I think you guys are great.

  4. Mike one more try, where i can sign for bot and membership? To many links, which one is a bot? Also i don’t do options I can’t figure out how it works can I use this boat for the day trading a stock not the options? .

  5. Comment for the algo, great vid as always! Definitely gonna be looking to join SM when I get a little extra cheddar set aside

  6. My only suggestion is to color code the ticker symbol. Maybe make them blue or orange so they’re differentiated from everything else.

  7. Wouldn't be possible to get the bot as a standalone rather than subscribing to the full course?

  8. Looks like a great product, especially as a scanner for ideas. I went to your link for info an see nothing about the bot… only a link to join/pay for your service in general. Such as Subscribe for 140 a month. Do you have a trial?

  9. Great video guys – we'll all be driving Lambos by the time we get to version 4.0 🙂

  10. Awesome. This is what I needed and would say that you should have made and published this video on day one of release of the bot. I have not been using the bot because I did not have a proper training video on the bot until now. I did not want to just "try it" and lose money in the attempt.

  11. Premium bot info idea – It would be awesome if the bot would report other indicator values as well, such as the 1min Macd value, rate of change & second derivative, macd minus signal, and different RSIs, then also print the same indicator values for the 3min, the 5min, and the 15min.

  12. Awesome stuff Mike. Would be cool if the bot had colors for CALLS vs. PUTS. Possibly a future update would be to have the bot post the ToS Symbol for the specific Option too.

  13. Hey mike and Tom; great hot and had fun trading it’s suggestions this week. Two suggestions from my side are in the calls it’s making to have them ordered alphabetically so you can more easily see multiple calls for the same ticker. Second is a sensitivity thing; I don’t know how it’s programmed but you could imagine three channels; one with the bot as is, one less sensitive making riskier, but potentially more profitable calls for those who are more experienced at reading charts and another which is very sensitive so you basically only get home run trades but get much fewer of them. Thanks!

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