Neville Goddard manifestation technique: "Secret" & highly effective technique (2020/21)

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Neville Goddard manifestation technique: “Secret” & highly effective technique (2020/21)

If you have some difficulties visualizing, then this powerful manifestation technique from Neville Goddard will be very beneficial to you. Many people think the “Imagination” only means visualizing, but thats false…

📌 In this video you are going to learn:
– A powerful technique to manifest your desires & reach your goals
– A step-by-step process to apply it into your life
– 3 keys to make this method even more efficient

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30 comentários em “Neville Goddard manifestation technique: "Secret" & highly effective technique (2020/21)

  1. It works. I pictured my friend telling me he got his LLC. Two weeks later he came and told me that he got it. Also he told me I was a smart man and told me things did I should do.. And those was the exact answers that I was seeking from God. It was like God was speaking thru him

  2. Great idea. Can you make your sound louder or music lower? I had to watch it twice. Thank you.

  3. This is a very powerful technique. We have 5 senses! Visualization is simply not enough!

  4. This is such great advice. It is insane to me how many of these things i have done in the past, thought that they were silly, and quit doing. And now have read that they are valid approaches. I have heard my (currently i manifested) soulmates vows to me. That sounds insane but hearing your video makes me feel less crazy!!!

  5. Shld i do this tehnique repeatedly or just once a day.. During a day or before sleep to do this tehnique….. Tq nicholas…from bandung, west java. Indonedia

  6. hi there , very nice and unique video, it has gven me new idea for my manifestation, one thing i want to clear, is sensory vividness important while doin this?? thnks

  7. Great Video. I normally go into these sessions trying to figure it all out, but from now on I will predetermine what I want to hear and see in the physical world. I just need to work on my states and how to make it as natural as possible.

  8. So weird I do this all the time, it like I kinda know what someone is going to say before they say it because in my head I already heard it. Then they say it. So this would probably be a better tool for me cause I suck at visualizing

  9. Dude I can't express this enough , i love you channel it changed so many things for me and made it easier , right now i am helping ny friend manifist so i sent her your vids to help since you always get stright to the point

  10. What's really strange is that I was just wondering about this very subject. You see I don't really see images in my imagination, I know what I want the image to be, but there's no visual. However, many years ago, I realized I could literally hear in my mind. I'm not talking about self talk, like reading a book with the inner narrator. I mean, actually hear music and singing from songs I know. One night, I got really calm and took my breath down as well. I started playing the song in my head and after a few minutes, I actually heard the music and the vocals in my mind as if it was coming from the outer world.
    I'm going to try this one tonight. I do recall Neville talking about "hearing what you want to hear." He just never singled it out that I can think of.

  11. Wow Nicolas, your video first time I see today finally saved me after many months trying the visualization techiniques of Neville which is so difficulty and struggling to me at times, I will start tonight and I feel its much easier, but practice makes it perfect, I will join the masterclass if I succeed

  12. This is an amazing technique. Can you hear your own voice instead of others? Like you hear yourself telling other people good news on something. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

  13. Great video Niclas. One friend of mine applied this technique with amazing results. He chose to hear his specific person saying the words that he wanted to hear and in only one day it happened!! Congrats!! You are really the best!!

  14. Great video Niclas. I do a lot of visualizing, but I'm going to start playing around with this.

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