NET PROFIT 705% in 6 month – Free RSI-VWAP bot TradingView strategy

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This week we found a nice custom signal strategy for a 15 min time frame. The original idea was taken from: XaviZl. This is a simple strategy for bot trading that is using the RSI indicator with VWAP as a source instead of the closing price. This is a Free RSI-VWAP bot that you can easily tune in on Wundebit trading.

Bot settings and code:

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20 Comentários

  1. Testing any strategy on Ethereum will show extremely high profit. Doesn't factor high comission fees. Especially high frequency trading. On wins and losses.

  2. Another great video but I still prefer to rely on experience to make me consistent profits than bots.

  3. Any one used this with 3commas and binance? I am pretty new to this, is setting this up complex or am I just a noob. Started getting into bots last month.

  4. tried to install code but an error message comes up saying "Add to Chart operation failed, reason: The script must have one study() or strategy() function call

  5. I like your video, but i implemented the strategy and the results have dropped off since the video. My first trade is July 2nd 2021 and last trade on 10/31. not sure if the market has just been more choppy or what. I get 54% percent profitable trades with 47% profit.

  6. I really like this one, thanks! Tweaked and connected to a wunderbit bot right away… I made it a bit more "conservative" by using take profit and SL, to improve the draw-down…

  7. Interesting strategy! Also, please make a video about Dashtrader’s Hull Suite strategy <3!

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