NAT and Firewall Explained

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In this lightboard video, Frank Chodacki from IBM Cloud explains the basics of a network address translation, or NAT, and firewall by using an apartment analogy.

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  1. WHAT program are you using to do that. Reminds me of some of the work I did in the Army two lifetimes ago, when the Pathfinders WERE the GPS of the Army and we plotted movements on topographical maps.

  2. Your explanation of Stateful vs. Stateless finally helped me to understand them. Thank you!

  3. Really great analogy!
    As IT student, and usual person interested in IT security, it was pretty clear and interesting explained!
    Thank you for your video!

  4. In simple terms NAT is used to convert ur ip address into ur routers ip address , this is done because ipv4 which is a 32 bit ip address is limited and exhausted . Ur private ip address is not recognized by google so ur router does the talking to the internet. It is like a cell phone which allows u to talk to google.So ur private ip address is converted into the internet ipaddress with the help of net masking which u can see on seeing ifconfig which shows that ur private ip address is converted into the routers ip address. Basically when u buy internet connection you are buying an ipaddress that can talk to the world.Ur ISP has globally bought a range of ip address from IANA and it is giving u an ipaddress. So all the devices which access internet from ur home would actually be converted into the routers ip address in ur router and those packets are shoots up into the net.So ur router does the working of a postman when it receives reply from google and internally unmask the ipaddress to determine who was the person who send that request.

  5. Great explanation!
    Is NAT is possible for private to private network communication as well?

  6. This is really great explanation…
    Made my understanding crystal clear..
    Thank you so much 🙂

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