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In this video I show you my FTMO trading setup/day trading desk setup I use for FTMO. My setup is a lot more stripped back than others but a lot of people have asked me about it so here it is! Prepare to be hit with mediocrity!

Forex trading and FTMO is a complicated matter and my videos are for entertainment purposes only and sharing opinions that are only my own. I am not a financial professional and am just sharing my own experiences and views. For any final decisions, always consult a finance professional.

Boyata laptop stand

Macbook Pro 16

Omoton Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse

HP 27″ Monitor

Video Order:

00:00​​ – 01:43​​ – Intro
01:43 – 02:40​ – Description of my setup
02:40 – 03:04 ​ – Where do I work?
03:04 – 03:18​ – My setup
03:49​ – 04:15 – Equipment breakdown intro
04:15​ – 05:15​ – Laptop stand
05:15 – 07:05 – My laptop
07:05 – 08:24 – Laptop advice (just my opinion and experience)
08:25 – 09:23 – Bluetooth Keyboard and mouse
09:23 – 09:55 – My awful chair
09:55 – 10:30 – My monitor (that I don’t use)
10:30 – 11:08 – Monitor advice
11:08 – 12:17 – Summary and wrap up

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  1. Hi Matt, first of all thank you for providing so much value in your videos. I just have a quick question which you might be able to help with. Can you recommend any brokers (uk FCA regulated ideally) that would open a ltd company account for me, or do they all provide a ltd company account? Thanks Matt.

  2. Pretty light setup, good enough for manual trading. Since I develop EAs, I've got 2 stationary PCs with 2 screens. The first is a heavyweight homebuild where I develop and backtest algos. The second is a simpler but reliable barebone from Lenovo where I place the trading algos. Tried VPS before, but it was low capacity and high cost, so this setup works well as I've got high quality fiber. When it's time to take on customers then I'd suggest buying your own server.

  3. living in the UK what currency is your FTMO account set up? I wonder due to banks like Monzo or Santander and others will accept payments in other currencies. Thanks Matt

  4. Hey boss quick question is ftmo legit? I wanna buy the challenge but I’m still skeptical about prop firms but I heard ftmo is one of the best

  5. Welcome to the club Matt! I am a dinning room table trader too. It is so refreshing seeing some one who is authentic, humble and real like yourself. I am so sick of the fx lifestyles, and Lambo traders of forex. I have hit the like and am fully subscribed!

  6. love the hoodie, also i may have missed this but how do you plan risk i find myself in a bit of mess at times using 2% on every trade for instance i get something like 4 set ups on different pairs i take all of them while i might profit i find my drawdown goes higher than 5% before the price goes in my favor any advice

  7. I had a Mac desktop given and spent ages trying to get its software to work ended up using a different browser then messed about downloading software to try mt5 out . All this was to try ftmo demo out but I gave up in turns as work took priority. It’s made think sticking with windows based will be less hassle

  8. Are you using any other funded accounts other than ftmo? Seems to be so much available out there now

  9. Hi Matt. Maybe a next video could be about deciding between using MT4 or not or as in your case tradingview plus executing on the phone. Currently I’m at the beginnings in Forex, using a Windows based laptop quite good, and an iPhone 12 Pro Max. Was planning to switch to MacBook Pro for Forex plus some music production for Ableton Live 10. Maybe show us how you are working with this set up for Forex.

  10. For a Mac I would not use any after market keyboard products, On mine I got the apple one and it is the best decision. Nice to see it is a clean setup without all of the clutter needed that just gets in the way

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