My Forex Trades With a Proven EA (Live & Verified)!

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In this video, I go over my trades from the past month and a half using the newest version of Forex Fury.

In this live trading account I’m showing some impressive gains, while using an aggressive trading approach. I go over my settings, and then walk traders through ever single trade placed by the robot, and how much money that earned me.
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I am not giving any financial advice in this video, it is purely for education and entertainment. Past profits do not guarantee future profits.
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  1. To win a FREE copy of FOREX FURY, subscribe to the channel or comment / like on any video before the end of the month! I'll announce the winner, in the next video, and then next month I'll give away even more!

  2. how does it end trades only through take profit? or does it have a different calculation for closing trades?

  3. if I buy the robot, would I need a manual how to setup the robot? or I need to ask someone in the forex fury website? Thank u

  4. Very good results , can i use it with Tickmill pro account zero spreed with leaverge 1:500 ?

  5. hi, can i use this robot on IC Markets or FX Choice broker .Do you suggest any broker ? Also if you can make a step by step video on how to set the features for forex fury V4 .

  6. Hi, would you be able e to list the changes you have mades so we can replicate? What trading window do you use?

  7. I have just purchased, and excited to see its potential. Why do you use a 7 trade set, instead of just one trade 7 times bigger?

  8. Great post… this will help understand beginner forex trader how a market is done with automated trading. Very much appreciated post… Like to next post… God Bless.

  9. Great video! I already got a single license of FF and planning to buy another one to split my funds on seperate brokers. Then I can play with more strategies.

  10. can you share the exact expert advisor settings to do this exact setup? what trading time is the best
    i will use eur/usd too

  11. Hello there, excellent video, I have a quick question. Which one is better, the Fury ea or the Flex ea?

  12. Hello I like to have the Free Forex Fury. I think it is great EA. SO basically you never use any SL for this EA right? can tell me how much is the DD?

  13. please correct me if Im wrong..did i see a SL setting of 80 pips w/ .5 lot? on ur 10k acct?

  14. Thanks it's amazing trading with confidence and support to put the money works for itself… thanks really apreciate it.

  15. is there a video that shows the EA in action, would like to know if stoploss hit and take profit hits are automated

  16. Hello, Do you use it everyday ? I search an EA to get 10 to 20% earch month, do you know one ? Thank you, good video

  17. Hi! about the operation Time. Did you change it from the Default Settings included in Member Zone (Aggressive Unlimited wich are from 9:02 to 09:59 ) ??

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