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  1. Do you trade directly from New York for the quickest stock exchange prices or do you live somewhere else?

  2. Thank you for sharing your trading wisdom! Personally, I liked your million dollar trade better 🙂

  3. Meir I am suprised you have stopped trading Cfd´s. When I saw in the video your 14000 stoploss in the order window So you are only trading equities now ?

  4. If you are watching this and think Mieir is full of B.S Meir is the real deal what you see is true I have been in his trading room and had a go day trading along with him I had no problem taking my money out when I asked for it he is a good guy who will help you if you ask him.

  5. You are the man for really big profits!!! Congratulations and very interesting to see, how you manage your trades.

  6. You are best, everytime i ask myself if i can get rich trading, i always look back at your videos. Kudos

  7. no one freely explain logic behind the trade..thank meir for doing for retailer community

  8. Aren’t you afraid that the stop wouldn’t trigger? it is not the first time that the stop market/limit order pass above the price and doesn’t stop you..

  9. Meir you are a legend. Your book was great, I read some things I never would have learned in there. From this video, it shows you are an exceptional trader as well!

  10. Great prediction Meir, that is a fantastic green day. Well done sir! Always a pleasure to watch you in action on your trading platform.

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