Most Profitable Supertrend Strategy for Daytrading (Full Supertrend Indicator Tutorial)

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Supertrend indicator is one of the most used indicators by new traders. But I can guarantee you that, if you follow this indicator by itself, you are most likely to lose money in the long run. In today’s video, I will show you 2 really simple and yet profitable strategies, that you can use the supertrend indicator. #supertrend #indicator #strategy

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34 comentários em “Most Profitable Supertrend Strategy for Daytrading (Full Supertrend Indicator Tutorial)

  1. Yeah….not gonna lie. I got proper lost on this one.. * save and come back…. probably multiple times..*

  2. Very good strategy you have very easy to explained thank you so much for trading easier can you please some strategy for intraday trading with the same super trend indicator ????

  3. How can make SHORT Position , Please make LIVE video on it ? Also mention trailing stop-loss ?

  4. So uhh, can i set this 3 super trend indicators as parameters on the kucoin futures trading bot?

  5. OMG, very simple and clear, thank you. Can you suggest the configuration for daily price action please?

  6. Very informative bro! Keep up the videos. Some ignorant will rant regardless of showing them how to zip their mouth

  7. Which time frame is suitable for this strategy according to INDIAN share market, mostly for Intra sir, pls reply me.

  8. I mean… if you only enter when all 3 lines agree, why not only use the farthest one? It's the last one to turn and technically the other ones don't even matter.

  9. Thank you for your useful knowledge, I really hope you make a video about Scalping ( 1m, 3m, 5m )

  10. Excellent ! Subscribe the channel at once after watching this video. Could you please teach more the profitable and easy way for new trader ? Thanks

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