Monero mining on dual Xeon CPUs 1khs at 210 watts

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Do you have some beefy Xeon CPUs just laying around or idling? See if you can put them to work as your Monero mining workhorses! In this video I show my main CPU mining rig which runs 2x E5-2643v3 Xeon CPUs.

– Each thread hashes around 48-52 hashes per second
– Maximum 24 thread mining speed is 1,111 hashes per second
– 22 thread GPU mining configuration is ~1,030 hashes per second
– Total system power draw (no GPUs) is 210w
– IPMI support for BIOS level remote control (built-in feature)

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21 comentários em “Monero mining on dual Xeon CPUs 1khs at 210 watts

  1. We have an old (2012) HP Proliant ML110 XEON lying around, not sure if it can earn enough to pay for its electricity consumption + something extra 😛

  2. If Possible it would be amazing to see how A Dual Processor Setup would work with the new RandomX mining algorithm.
    That being said would I be able to run a Dual Motherboard starting with a single processor then add one later? Or would I have to start with both.

  3. You should run it again with the monero randomx hardfork, curious if it will yield better results

  4. Hello are you still mining on monero with CPU? from what i heard the new monero software coming out is no longer supports GPU miners only CPU only.

  5. I would love to see an experiment!!! If you can!!!!!??? Use Cryptotab browser to mine please!I would love to see the hash rate!!! If you download the browser it can mine pretty fast. I use it and I get 25% on my CPU than Nicehash.

  6. $0.25 profit per day after electricity costs (assuming $0.175 per KWHr), is it really worth it?

  7. I have Dell R710 Dual X5670 ..please tell me is it good for mining and ethereum zcash possible on it…

  8. I'm trying this on a dual socket, quad cores, E5405 and I got it using 8 cores and 8 threads but I'm only getting a total of 15h/s…any suggestions?..

  9. can i use one Rx 580 on my W3550 and branded dell T3500 with hood hashrate for mining i will upgrade pc later

  10. Hey buddy I did you mem mod for my Rx 480's all 8 of them and I am getting 1000h per card but its weird it will say 0h every other cycle is that normal ? using Cast XMR on blockchain driver.

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