Monday Possible Drop / Major Correction for Bitcoin & Stock Market! BTC, Dogecoin, ETH Price Targets

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Tomorrow could be make or break for bitcoin and the US Stock Market. I’m expecting a possible drop or major correction for the stock market and bitcoin. If we do not start dropping by tomorrow then maybe I was wrong and bitcoin price will continue pumping putting in higher highs as we carry on with our 2021 bull run. I have a chart that shows the Dow Jones is currently topped out which could trigger a drop, possibly even a crash. I cover this chart in detail as well as give price targets for Dogecoin, BTC and ETH / Ethereum. I use chart technical analysis to give support and resistance levels for a price pump or dump.

Website to access these live charts:

Dogecoin Price Dropping! Where to buy when pump? Bitcoin Price targets / BTC pumping!:

Bitcoin & US Stock Market Livestream! pump, drop or dump? BTC price targets & technical analysis TA:

Bitcoin & US Stock Market Drop Soon? Dogecoin, BNB, ETH, Theta & BTC price targets & analysis 2021:

Bitcoin to hit $300k by Dec 2021! No US Stock market crash? BTC bull run continues!:

This is not financial advice! these are only my views and opinions of where I think the market may be headed. Crypto Currency is a very risky asset, always do your own research before ever considering investing or making a trade.

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32 comentários em “Monday Possible Drop / Major Correction for Bitcoin & Stock Market! BTC, Dogecoin, ETH Price Targets

  1. I don't think we'll correct. The reason is simple. Unemployment went UP since they made the last report. This means they'll print more money to "stimulate the economy". Meaning even more money will be put into the stock market and crypto. Meanwhile grocery prices will slowly start increase, which will also trigger workers to want a wage increase. It's the in-between money left over that might be used to hire more employees, so that the economy gets back on foot again. Meanwhile tons of peeps have money saved up, and their money is sitting on ice in banks with either incredibly low or below zero (!) interest. These guys are losing massively on having their money in the bank, so they'll be incentivized to invest it in the stock market instead.

  2. Possible correction today! And tomorrow! And next week! And next month! (Happens in 2023) I was right!!!

  3. Steve! You need to get a grip on your physics research asap and never ever tolerate liars such as Neil who spread radically false fraudulent science. Non of these disgusting liars are capable of objectively defining magnetism, so they will only lead people into mentally deficient ways of thinking. You want a wake up call with the facts, email me and Ill send some content that you can easily validate. You need to break your mind free of the numerous gross lies in modern physics such as the speed of light. Light does not have a speed, it has a rate of induction through the medium it perterbates through. There are no waves or particles. A wave is not a thing, it is what something does. Unfortunately people have adopted this horendous lie. It needs to end dude. Dont start spreading lies until you have validated the real authentic minds on the planet who have been left in obscurity due to the immoral thinking of the masses.

  4. Can you not telling do many charts. They are confusing that the way you talk. Can you simplify to say if up to where if down to where. ( Not telling 6 possible targets

  5. On May 10, bitcoin price could reach its low point in this week. Decline is expected until 4:30Pm, Eastern time. After 5pm, I am expecting a sharp incline.

  6. Bro…there is no "gravity" and the earth is flat. No black hole and no dark matter outside the fake science of space. Big hug bro.

  7. Neil Smokin de'Grasse Tyson. The same man who claimed coriolis caused a field goal, pmsl. Corriolis is an optical affect, not a force. I never had you down as a Psuedoscientist Steve, I thought you were an empirical evidence type of guy.

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