Milwaukee MX Power Station SHOCKS everyone 1800W/3600W Bye-Bye Inverter Generators! MX FUEL

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Full MX FUEL Launch –
This is the all-new Milwaukee MX Fuel Carry-on Portable Power Supply.

This light and durable box takes one or two of the new MX battery packs and turns it into a mobile power source for just about anything, including 15amp power tools. With just one battery you can get over 600 cuts with a 15 amp circular saw!

Milwaukee Tools is clearly setting its sights on the Honda EU2200. We’ll have to wait to see how it does once demo units become available.

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  1. Less fuel more power oh boy the globalist are not happy about this. I mean how can they enforce there tyrannical rule if you have free energy and know how to farm without buying ther GMO seeds.

  2. 2100 dollars versus around 400 for a 3600 watt gas generator. That will run as long as it has gas and oil in it. Still I like it, but the retail price kills it for me.

  3. How does this stack up to a few deep cycle car batteries, mounted on a handtruck?
    You can charge them on the move, add a radio & lights next to the inverter… I think there are cheaper ways to get portable power.

  4. This isn't a generator, it's just a big battery. When the power runs out, you can't just put more fuel in it. A real generator can run an entire job site all day without running out of power (just add more gas) and wil cost about half of what this thing does. This video was a waste of time.

  5. Yeah but if it not pulling more then 90watts it shuts down tell the viewers leaving me in the dark if I hook up some work lights

  6. It great but his setup has 10,000 dollars in portable power generator. But if I have a power outage. I want my power to be on as long as I have no power. In a black out or power outage. Not if I have 1 of those and hope the powers restored with in his 30 to 45 minutes of battery power. After that your in the dark.

  7. Have you had a chance to use this yet? I have heard that it shuts itself down every hour, I'd like to know if this is true.

  8. Need a m18 version comparable to the dewalt version add a radio let I charge and be a power bank I’d buy that no nee for md batteries

  9. That price point is garbage. Pay more for something less reliable and btw you're gonna need a generator to charge everything up at the end of the day…

  10. Nice idea, but—
    1) Why spend $2200 to replace a $1200 generator? Or, even, a noisy $300 generator?
    2) I see this battery bank is rated at 60dB — louder than the 57dB generator. That’s twice as loud. How does a battery make any noise?

  11. lol there is a HUGE markup on batteries. They want everyone to switch to batteries because that's where the $$$ is now.

  12. 2k to charge batteries. i can charge from my truck. if I'm running tools my 6.5 kw is just fine running in the trailer. not to mention batteries are not cheep at $600 id need 10 per day

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