Micro Solar Generator Buyer's Guide! Jackery vs Rockpals vs Expertpower

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  1. Video Table of Contents:
    0:33 Battery Size vs. Cost
    1:05 Solar Input Limit and How to Overpanel
    3:11 Watt Hour Capacity
    3:25 How to attach 12v appliances to a solar generator
    6:03 Estimated lifetime and how to extend it

    6:45 Charge Rate Test
    9:51 MPPT Low Light Test
    11:42 Low Voltage Charging Test
    13:24 USB Output Test
    15:46 12v Output Test

    12:52 Importance of Fast Charge Rate
    18:52 How to choose and wire up a solar panel
    20:32 Conclusion

    Product links are in the description above.

    Yes I left an unattended title box at 3:05. I am trying to blur it out but the youtube editor is a pain to use still. Working on it.

  2. I need to run a fan with a pump for 6 hrs using the cigarette lighter port. The draw on high is 4 amps. Can you recommend a portable power station?

  3. Jackery's newer 300Watt model has a super fast charging time. Using its own Solar Saga 100W panel, it went from 40% charge to 100% charge in less than 3 hours. It was pulling 70 to 80 watts.

  4. Can you run a air conditioner on the zackery. If you can which zackey you need to buy. Can you buy the 200 watts or 240 one? A window air conditioner.

  5. This was awesome. So much good information. Just got a jackery myself from a big sale on amazon for the 160. Looking into cheap options to charge via solar panels while not charging in car since I travel by car around a lot. I think I know my answers but just need to find the best option panels. thank you

  6. Hi Will, I'm in the market for one of these. Have you tested the new medium Bluetti yet?

  7. The Jackery 240 got updated recently w/ controller? Now perhaps it charges a lot quicker?

  8. newbie here. Can any of them do solar-to battery -to battery daisy chained charging? expandable?

  9. Is there anything wrong with the KYNG line of generators?

    Why do you discriminate against other brands of generators?




    KYNG Power Portable Power Station 500W Solar Generator Lithium Battery??????

  11. The Jackery I think charges slower, as "fast charging" batteries can decrease their lifespan, so there's probably a reason the Jackery's charge slower…. they probably last longer over a period of time, over the ones that charge 2x as fast. Also it would be interesting to see the battery capacity after 1-2 years of average use. I think that may also be useful info, especially if you're spending $500 on a 500 watt unit for example. Granted most lithium ion batteries can only handle say 300 or 400 charge cycles, it would be interesting to also have a longer-term use comparison (say after 1 year of average use).

  12. The Jackery boosted and regulated 12v supplies make up for the efficiency loss. I’d take a 10% loss to feed the correct voltages to my devices any day.

  13. also check out the portable panel from jackery its pretty cool how tough and rugged it is.. ive gotted 48watts its the 60w panel

  14. Those are very expensive and china brand is like half a price..and do the samething…and they only last 2 to 3 yrs..junk..!!

  15. They are way over$priced..!..If you buy the battery and inverter (separated) sine wave is much better deal..than the box..!! Cheaper..Comprende..?

  16. I like the Pecron s200 but it doesn't have the MPT that you recommended and I would be using a foldable solar panel regularly. Basically charging my laptop on a boat for 3 months. Size and space is always an issue. I like the size. The cost isn't the issue of the Jackery but the charge time is a zero in my book. I have a MacBook Pro 13". What might you recommend for a foldable solar panel and thoughts about using the Pecron s200 that you reviewed here as a power source?

  17. Hi, you asked for other recommendations, I’d love to see you this: YABER 300W Portable Power Station,72000mAh 266Wh Outdoor Solar Generator with 110V AC,12V/10A DC,QC 3.0,Type C Port,Wireless Charger and LED Light.

  18. I was hoping you were going to check the temperature info for accuracy inside the bluetti ??

  19. EcoFlow River Pro? Anyone want to warn me of something I may not know before I buy? haha…

  20. My brother…. Thanks! I get not needing a super large battery when charging is slow.
    But does the 1000 rockpal, that charges fastest and has pass thru charging, is worth the time and $ for my toy(bugout)trailer?

    I'm looking at 2 100 watt solar btw… and my travel time will be while sun is setting. So I could charge all day while I get my tv phone charge and run my refrigerator a iceco jp42

    And, I'd rather have too much power than otherwise… Dig? Think 2 solar panels are enuf? Thanks!

  21. Thanks for going through all that, some major pitfalls with the charging on some of the models. I assumed they are all pass through and can be charged while in use..

  22. I am a complete beginner preparing for a cross country trip to Alaska, the information provided here is exactly what I needed to make a choice to make a purchase.

  23. I would recommend disassembling it and replacing the crappy Chinese cells with high quality Japanese or US made cells (Panasonic, Sony, or Tesla are my recommendations)

    Typically they use 1800-2200mah cells, replacing them with high capacity cells (Tesla 18650s are around 3500mah)

    You can almost double battery the capacity

  24. Could you power a 30-50 watt guitar amp for two two to three hours with any of these batteries?

  25. The newer Jackery's like the Explorer 300 come with much faster charging! 125watts and you can use USBC PD also in a pinch.

  26. You told me a lot except how long will it power stuff like fans, lights, refrigerators etc

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