Meditation & Codes for Energy Healing

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Creative Presentation: Christiana Kanaki

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Start by relaxing your body and mind. Take some slow, full, deep breaths. Relax, relax completely.

Imagine you are sitting inside a sun. A radiant golden sun; bright golden light all around you. It is symbolizing the spiritual element: pure/higher power, pure/higher wisdom, and pure/higher love. You are inside the bright golden sun. So much golden light! You are uplifted. So pure golden light! Your energy clears. So intelligent and powerful golden light! You are protected and guided from deep within and from high above.

Now, see and feel (or just have the intention to see and feel) bright white light filling your whole body. From the top of your head to your feet. See and feel it passing through you, illuminating your body, its organs and cells. It is the energy of life, pure life. All parts of your body, all organs and cells are illuminated by the warm waves of bright white light, the light and energy of life. All parts of your body, all organs and cells are cleansed and energized.

Mentally affirm “perfect health on all levels”. Take a deep breath.

Then, imagine that you receive a gift. It is a green emerald crystal. It is so beautiful, so clean and powerful! Take it and touch it on your forehead. Feel it for a while. Emerald green light fills your body. It is the energy of physical healing. Then, touch it on your chest for a while. Emerald green light. Now, touch it on your stomach. Emerald green light. Affirm that this light clears and transmutes all lower energies and negative elements, it restores balance and protects you on all levels. Imagine yourself as emerald green, clean and powerful as the crystal. Take a deep breath.

Open your eyes and recite the following codes. They are from “the Golden Codes of Shamballa” and they are ideal for this period of time, but also for energetically empowering yourself for optimal health. It is best to read them aloud. If you want, you can repeat after me.

Shamballa 88 0 88 opening for healing
Shamballa 7777 shower of love
Shamballa 7788 emotional wholeness, clarity, harmony, healing
Shamballa 8899 mental wholeness, clarity, harmony, healing
Shamballa 8809 physical wellness
Shamballa 44447 earth healing
Shamballa 07 21 healing SOS
Shamballa 7771 etheric vitality, bioenergy, prana, chi, life-force energy healing
Shamballa 1010 1111 1212 protection on all levels
Shamballa 11 12 11 holographic and quantum healing and clearing
Shamballa 4400 energy empowerment for all body systems
Shamballa 4477 empowerment for self-healing processes, instant healing, inner empowerment
Shamballa 447700 release, purification, regeneration (to overcome a disease)
Shamballa 4488 multiple-level healing
Shamballa 4949 increased energy flow
Shamballa 48888 9999 7777 healing involving materialization, dematerialization, transmutation, dense matter
Shamballa 3310 empowerment of body
Shamballa 44 44 4 cellular body regeneration
Shamballa 6655 10 11 12 13 energetic protection from radiation, waves, smoke, pollution, radioactivity, chemicals, viruses, parasites, illnesses, electromagnetic-negative fields and factors of all kinds and of all intensities; purification of accumulated negativity and toxicity
Shamballa 77 77 77 00 11 triple purifying, healing, and empowering shower of life-force energy, light, and love
Shamballa 66 99 balance of the energy centers (chakras)
Shamballa 66 99 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 balance of the energy bodies and of their elements
Shamballa 00 11 11 22 immediate manifestation of the Shamballa Golden Codes and of their beneficial effects
Shamballa 88 10 88 closing for healing, completion

You may now close your eyes, relax for a few moments and enjoy the higher energy! Feel and express infinite love and gratitude!

With LOVE,

Geom!* (Georgios Mylonas)

Important Note:
The recommendations made in this text and video should not be considered a replacement for formal medical or mental treatment. A physician should be consulted in all matters relating to health, including any symptoms that require medical attention. Anyone who has emotional, mental, or physical problems should seek professional consultation before attempting any of these practices. While the information and the suggestions in this text and video are believed to be safe and accurate, the author cannot accept liability for any harm as a result of the use or misuse of these practices. This text and video are intended as general information and for educational purposes.

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