Manifesting Your EX Back

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Manifest your EX back!! Has your ex told you that they want nothing to do with you? Do you feel that despite your history, this is the person you are meant to be with? Are you tired of feeling like nothing you do is working?

This episode of #RoxyTalks is all about how to get your ex back using the Law of Attraction. Find out what you can do to attract an ex back and what you may be doing to keep them away from you!

These tips for manifesting your ex back will open your eyes to new perspectives and ways of using the Law of Attraction!

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26 comentários em “Manifesting Your EX Back

  1. i know hes coming back. i love him so much and i just have the feeling that were meant to be. a lot of my friends belive that too but ive been told that im trying to manipulate him (im not, im not trying to change him, im just selecting a reality where we work so wonderfully) i hate that people tell me that, it makes me feel very unsure about what should i do. and i dont know how to tell them that i now what im doing. all of the sudden i dont know what i want….but at the end of the day i still remember the very strange voice that told me that were meant to be (it was a voice in my head that i myself was shocked by since we havent even started dating at that time ut i truly belived it. ever since, its deep inside of me)

    thank you for listening
    sending love <3

  2. hi, roxy. me and my specific person broke up about a year ago and i still love him and cry almost every day since. i want to tell him. but im scared that my manifestation wont work (because im not in a mentaly stable stage and someone told me that could be an issue in manifestation. especially when it comes to something as big as manifesting an ex back). im scared that he wont return my love and every day im paranoyed that hes found somebody new. but i still belive that were soulmates, i genuinely do and some of my friends think so too. but im still scared. i dont know what would i do if he s´wasnt ready and i dont know how to make sure that im gonna be okay and that im gonna be able to manifest him back. hes my first real love.

    or should i wait until he come back on his own? im sorry, im really lost.

    have a great day if youre reading this <3

  3. My ex loves me and the amazing person that i am. Hes coming back to spend a happy life together with me. Everything flows from out to within. Im the source. And i love my life and everything about it. Thank you Universe for this person as well as my life. I love you.

  4. How, it's a bit hard? If I had a journal how can I do it? I really want her and I feel like if I keep waiting I feel like she'll go away so far and won't want me, it's hard when I've been in a prison of those fake beliefs and limiting thoughts

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