Manifest Your SP OVERNIGHT | Pillow Method

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In this video, I teach you how to use the pillow method to manifest anything overnight, specifically your specific person! All you have to do is follow this night routine and do THIS before you sleep to manifest your SP into your life.

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15 comentários em “Manifest Your SP OVERNIGHT | Pillow Method

  1. he’s mine.
    we’re back together and our relationship better than it ever was.
    he loves me and is obsessed with me

  2. How can I help myself change my mindset and look about it in a different perspective when I'm convinced it doesn't work

  3. I'm gonna print out an image of him or of us together and glue it to the paper☺

  4. But you have to write on the paper literally before you go to sleep or it’s ok If I write it on the day?

  5. I have a fiancé but I definitely will use this method for something else. I peeped 555 min video and 999 comments, God is showing me something big that is about to happen for me

  6. They should stay. Bringing back a sp is easy but it should have staying power too

  7. As soon as I clicked on this video I seen the number 5 everywhere. This video, the comments, my phone battery, I’ve already been seeing angel numbers everyday for the past month but for some reason this made me really happy ☺️

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