Manifest FAST! (Just by Adding THIS POWERFUL PROCESS to Your Daily Routine) Law of Attraction

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You can manifest what you want fast just by doing this process each day! ✅ FREE MASTERCLASS & MEDITATION DOWNLOAD: HOW TO TRAIN YOUR BRAIN FOR EFFORTLESS MANIFESTATION ➡️

What we see as our reality has a great deal more to do with our internal perceptions of ourselves and the world than what might be considered truth. Our brains search for (and find) manifestations that match and prove our thoughts, emotions and beliefs. This is why proper visualization and training our conscious thoughts to impress our subconscious patterns is so very important when it comes to manifesting what we want!

In this video is a “fast manifestation meditation” that will assist you in marrying your creative, mental field with your emotional field and assist you in fusing that with your spiritual and physical energy. This is the NUMBER ONE ingredient to train your brain to attract a life you love! If you want to manifest faster, this is how to do it!


The Law of Attraction does not bring positive results without positive beliefs and positive patterns. These principles are the secret formula to follow if you wish to align with your desires the way countless others have. You are a limitless creator. Learn how to break free from self-imposed limitations and live the life you desire!




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25 comentários em “Manifest FAST! (Just by Adding THIS POWERFUL PROCESS to Your Daily Routine) Law of Attraction

  1. I’ve been in control of my mind lately but I’ve been having bad dreams the last 3 days. Is that because my minds it’s loosing control? And it’s last efforts of negativity?

  2. This confirms that humans if awaken alert & aware, R magical powerful creative beings connected to infinity. He/ she can simply think it and it will be . on the other hand if human race is hypnotized & brainwashed by the system , it becomes nothing but just a piece of meat who only consumes , turned to a Zombi without its own independent mind , perfect slave for the matrix .

  3. Neville goddard a mid to late 1900s Mystic taught how to use your imagination to manifest. This is almost very similar to one of his techniques…

  4. Hello i'm back to report on the 30-day butterfly effect challenge I started 6 weeks ago. I was quite overwhelmed with the things/experiences that happened so I needed a few weeks to think about all this crazy stuff. My first day was quite relaxed. I made up some very simple rules to follow during this time (1. No focussing on synchronicities and events but joyfully recognizing them if they appear 2. One minute meditation each day for relaxation if wanted more) I also stopped journaling during this time to let go of any control. The first couple of days were just like my average days but the thought of the challenge was always somewhere in my mind and shifted my focus on being a bit more easy with everything and reminded me of the meditation which I always did for a few minutes. After the first week things got a bit weirder. Synchronicities seemed to follow me everywhere in number patterns and events. I made some good money during this time and lost almost equally as much but it was a fun time nonetheless. What changed in the second and third week tho was my meditation and exercise habits. I meditated more and got into deeper relaxations and I also did exercise more because I felt the need of my body to be more active (weird since I already live a quite active live) in the third week I also met some quite strange people which appeared negative and distant at first but were some of the nicest and most caring people I've met in some time and one of them played a part on day 30. The fourth week was undescribable. I got really active compared to the time before the challenge and my exercise and meditation habits took over most of my free time that I don't spend with my dogs. I saw butterflies every day and even at night I saw moths everywhere. In my area we usually don't have a lot of butterflies but as I said it was almost like they followed me and even tho I tried to ignore those things I had a lot of fun seeing the unseen world around me. Finally I reached day 30 and even tho I had a sleepless night I felt great. I was full of energy and the day went by in a heartbeat. In the evening I went on my usual walk with the dog. I didn't have a single negative thought in my mind and was just enjoying the beautiful evening. And then BOOM. There she is. Walking her dog accompanied by the person I've met weeks before. We got to talk for just a little bit and I think we both knew instantly we belong together. Humor, interests, appearance, view on life, communicating without saying much and so on – those few minutes were just something else and yet we both had to let go for that moment. That evening completely blew me away. I'm a bit more stoic personality and didn't believe in love at first sight or that there is someone out there who I could have such a true special connection with and yet here I am blown away by an online challenge (which I usually dislike and wouldn't do) this gave me a whole new perspective on life and I had to rethink quite some of my personality and believes. I want to thank you sincerely for your work and all those amazing ideas you have. Much love ♥️

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