Make A Living In 15 Minutes Per Day Trading This Easy Profitable Strategy

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This is the method of trading you should use if you either don’t have the time to spend hours on the charts looking for trade signals, or you just don’t want to. Trading the daily timeframe allows you to only search for trade signals once per day where you can quickly scan all the currency pairs you trade for the entry criteria, enter any trades that you have a signal on, and then be done for the day in 15 minutes.

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45 comentários em “Make A Living In 15 Minutes Per Day Trading This Easy Profitable Strategy

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  3. "Make A Living" seems like a biiiiiig stretch though… a 30% gain in 4,5 years is only about 6% per year. That's assuming you keep compounding your gains, so no withdrawals from the account. With a 6% annual return you would need an account balance of ~$600,000 to keep the account balance steady AND live off the returns. But entertaining video nevertheless…

  4. Great Info

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  5. If you clicked on this video, you're already doing it wrong. There is no quick easy way to become a professional daytrader. That would be like clicking on "quick easy strategy to become an NHL hockey player."

  6. It's good to be a trader here in ph ehehe especially if you already have the funds from western countries 🙂

  7. @0:14 starting here is the statement that kills your entire philosophy and claims, and you didn't even realize you proved yourself a false guru. If people could simply make tons of $ in 15mns, then they WOULD have hours a day to look at charts and make even MORE money. Ya see, the reason people don't have hours a day to look at charts and play the market is because they have to spend those hours working and earning a living so they can provide and survive. But, if trading was so simple, like you claim, then people would have tons of money, which means they WOULD have tons of extra time to, oh say, STARE AT THE MARKET AND MAKE MORE $. However, it is not that easy to make money trading, certainly not a living.

  8. When I backtest I turn on Bar Replay so I don't see the chart ahead. You should do the same when backtesting. More accurate when applying any strategy.

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  11. Hi. Thanks alot for amazing guide. I just have one stupid question though, will this work in crypto market as that is extremely volatile?

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  14. Hi Trade Pro, is this strategy also applicable with Bitcoin or any Cryptocurrency? Thanks!

  15. Nice video! Investing successfully in forex requires the expertise of a professional broker that is why I have made profit since I started trading with Mrs Merv Sawyer, she's the best.

  16. you are making fool .you saying that people can earn money within few minute but you are using day time frame mean i candle is equal to one day

  17. This is great, I love the insight gained while watching this piece. I hope I can apply some tips on my daily trading activities to increase my portfolio on the decentralized atomic wallet application.

  18. At the end you said risking 1% per trade but before you said the stop is not a percentage of account but a price. Wth?

  19. videos always done when is rising and when i watching those videos then prices always going down ;D

  20. Day trading is a lot more profitable with Matthew Berhalter, he has a way of making profits steady throughout the whole period.

  21. I don't understand how you find your your entries for the next day if you are looking at the closing candle for the current day. I am def going to try this on paper, but can you or someone please explain clearly how to do that?? Unless you have an algorithm set in place I do not understand how this will operate. I've watched this twice and I think I might be totally missing something. ANYONE?? Thank you

  22. The only proven system in my opinion is mastery of technical analysis being able to read a naked chart and know where price is headed.

  23. I'm only 1 minute into this video and already I can tell it's going to be good,
    thumbs up no matter what happens 😉

  24. So this works because you’ll do dozens of such pairs? I was a bit confused by a 30% return being good over 4.5 years, but it’s actually 30 * n? Can this be used on a lower time frame than daily? Is this simple enough for automating with a trading bot?

  25. Interesting strategy. One question, you mentioned to look at the closing candle and enter.
    How would you enter after the closing candle?
    Do you mean to enter the next day when market opens?
    How does extended market affect it?

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