Made in the world: Better understanding global trade flows

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Where was your smartphone made? Though the product may have been finished in China, it may include graphic design from the US, programming from France and precious metals from Latin America. Different inputs of different values from different places around the world make up such products and are changing international trade flows as businesses disperse production and supply chains across several countries.

This analysis by the OECD and World Trade Organisation breaks with conventional measurements of world trade flows by looking at imports and exports from this value-added perspective and how it influences international trade policy and commercial relations between countries

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Edited: 15/02/2021


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  1. I don't think that paying higher prices for goods, under tariffs, is as bad as losing millions of good production jobs, along with the tax revenue. I've edited out a harsh description of China, as it only creates more bad vibes. We need to even things without jabs or taunts. But we still have to be blunt in a yin yang world. Trump should withdraw from the trade talks with China, and continue gradually with tariffs, making sure that the production capacity for each commodity or product is in place, first. Because China has been known to ignore agreements. And the trade talks barely favor the U.S. With free trade, China and other countries have drained the American economy of factory jobs by the millions. The true unemployment rate in U.S. is over 40%. Countries should have the right to regulate imports. Screw 'free trade'- which only benefits the corporations that moved operations overseas for cheap labor and loose regulations. And I'm Independent/Socialist.

  2. Practically speaking, how can we achieve simpler customs procedures? What's wrong with them now?

  3. This sounds like a suggestion for imposing more taxes. Any time that I've heard 'value added' it is usually in reference to taxes.

  4. I liked the info in this vid. but am opposed to the conclusive ideas

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