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Machine Learning with Python | Machine Learning Tutorial for Beginners | Machine Learning Tutorial

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Machine learning is changing the world that we live in. Top companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Amazon are looking for machine learning engineers and the average salary of a machine learning engineer is around 120k$ dollars.

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This full course on Machine Learning with Python will be taught by Dr Abhinanda Sarkar. Dr Sarkar is the Academic Director at Great Learning for Data Science and Machine Learning Programs. He is ranked amongst the Top 3 Most Prominent Analytics & Data Science Academicians in India.

He has taught applied mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as well as been visiting faculty at Stanford and ISI and continues to teach at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM-Bangalore) and the Indian Institute of Science (IISc).

These are the topics covered in this session:

-Agenda – 0:00
-Introduction to Python and Anaconda – 3:58
-Introduction to Pandas and Data Manipulation – 1:07:05
-Introduction to Numpy and Numerical Computing – 4:42:32
-Data Visualization – 5:10:58
-Statistics vs Machine Learning – 6:06:12
-Types of Statistics – 6:12:44
-Understanding Data – 7:54:39
-What is Reinforcement Learning? – 7:58:19
-Reinforcement Learning Framework – 8:53:46
-Q-Learning – 9:24:58
-Case Study on Smart Taxi – 9:51:08
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40 Comentários

  1. I have completed my graduation in economics (2014)
    I have been working as a teacher for last 5 years can I learn data science and have a career transition?
    Or it will be difficult for me to get into this field.

  2. Great learning …is some lectures are reduced in this learning or not added. Is something like that and how to get it.

  3. Hello i dont have zip python file so please let me know what to do on 8700552703

  4. Sir is there any prerequisite to learn Python ?? Kindly let us know if a biology background student (BSc/MSc)can also learn and earn by learning Python

  5. Thanks Mr RaghuRaman. You really covered the Basics as they should be. This is the way to cover the PG course on Python. Thanks a lot.

  6. can somebody tell pls, if want to become a Data or HR analyst, do I need to learn the python

  7. Could you please provide the csv file you used because What I used.. I am facing issue in chainging the data type of data frame.
    df["value "] =pd.to_numeric(df[" value"]) . I tried this it is giving error can not parse string value at 728,398 at position 0

  8. ha!!!! finally completed 10hrs course in two days with picture clarity on machine learning thank you @Greatlearning for this course video

  9. I have few doubts…
    1) How do we know when we have put underscore while typing any command?
    2) How do we know that, what should be the exact command for doing any task?
    Is their any stuffs out there on internet for these basic things or we always have to remember…?

    Please help me, I am struggling with remembering the commands. I need a list of basic command for Data Science libraries (Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib etc)

  10. thanks so much with this, it is great. but there is an issue with the great learning site, there is pop up for course registration that is not working well, the submit prompt is not active and that make it impossible to navigate the site.

  11. Aren't list, dictionary and tuples data structures? …why did he say data type then?

  12. Hi, I am unable to register through the link, would you be kind to share the data set

  13. In filter part 2, my code works fine with loc
    my_ride=df[(df["MILES*"]>10)&(df["START*"].isin(["Cary","New York"]))]

    so whats the use of loc there?

  14. i tried the coding to convert datetime for the uber file but its showing error. could anyone help me
    df["start_date"] = pandas.to_datetime(df["start_date"])

  15. Sir these course is sufficient to learn machine learning,job as a fresher bcoz sir I am final yr B.E

  16. Finally I found you very luckily. Please resolve my query. I am newbie in python. So I want to finish only python basic then I want to move ML and want to complete all ML course with Python. Should I move to with Python basic only? I believe I will get satisfaction ans from you only.

  17. Guys
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    You will be exploring huge amounts of structured and unstructured data, implementing your findings, and taking responsibility for the entire lifecycle of the product – creating a prototype, evaluating, user testing, and engineering in Python 
    Requirements: Pandas, Machine Learning, Python, Data Scientist, Numpy, Scipy, Sklearn, ML, Pandas, Machine Learning, Python, Data Scientist, Numpy, Scipy, Sklearn, ML, Big Pandas, Machine Learning, Python, Data Scientist, Numpy, Scipy, Sklearn, ML, Pandas, Engineer, Machine Learning, Python, Data Scientist, Numpy, Scipy, Sklearn, ML, Pandas, Engineer, Machine Learning, Python, Data Scientist, Numpy, Scipy, Sklearn. 

    Two Years Work permit and Location is London. 

    if you interested please forward me your cv ([email protected])
    (I am a Private Recruiter, once your CV been shortlisted you will get a call from the  company(not from me))

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