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Live Trading – Sometimes, No Trade is the Best Trade

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26 Comentários

  1. At 22:21 minutes of the video I said Delta of ATM option is 1, kindly refer to it as a Delta 0.5, not 1.

  2. IDK what to say I was searching for the explanation of Volatility Crush and suddenly this video pops out from my subscriptions! God is great! Harey Krishna

  3. Just would like to tell you one thing that I was watching you since your 1st vedio on youtube and yes I agree you have become a good and famous brand now. Keep it up!!

  4. Hi Sir
    Witch cpr to use sir
    Trading view in meny cpr pivot s thair
    Please reply sir

  5. Nice video as usual.
    Sir, can you please share your analysis for May 14, 2021. It was very tricky day. Your views will help us. Thanks. If possible, let us know if you traded on May 14,

  6. Why dont you trade Live all day with subscribtion fees.. It will be helpfull for lots of people..

  7. One day,this year I'll surely join your webinar but from the money from I'll make, learning by your and others videos.

  8. Well said Vikramji,
    “Money is made by sitting, not trading.” – Jesse Livermore
    One should Sit and wait for the right opportunity..

  9. why you tried for buying instead of selling nifty at pivot resistance and Bank nifty CPR resistance.

  10. Can please some one tell me where to get same like cpr what vikram sir is using

  11. Sir can u explain about one swing trading strategy on your special video…..

  12. Hi Sir,
    Thanks for the wonderful video.
    When the CPR resistance was hit, can we go for buying at PE side. Can you please teach why you did not take PE there..

  13. Hey..why didn't you go short when it was facing resistance at PDL and started going down?

  14. Sir I had subscribed your video because your video's are very important and precious for us

  15. Sir please make a video about your cpr settings please…
    If Anyone Knows Sir cpr Settings On trading View Please Guide Me..

  16. Sir
    Next video on Gap up pls…..I always got confused while trading in Gap up and Gap down trading….this video clears my doubt….
    one more good thing to hear that you discourage trading without money
    I pray to god you will get more success in your life …true guru..
    when i see other channels..they are also suggesting to trade in crypto..but u always focussed on risk managment

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