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Live Forex Trading – NY Session 15th February 2021

* O link para o vídeo completo está no final desse artigo.
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Live NY Session Hosted 6.30am EST Mon to Fri. Ask questions. Post charts and get feedback. This is for educational purposes ONLY.

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Link do vídeo

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  3. FA = Fresh Analysis , CR = Chart Review , A = Analysis , PT = Potential Trade , Q = Question, AFK = I took a short break

    0:30 GJ talk + FA

    2:10 looking for PT

    2:40 Why GJ moved

    3:18 GJ FA + PT

    4:50 EJ FA

    5:48 Gold FA

    7:50 GJ A

    9:00 GJ A +visualize + PT

    10:45 GU FA + PT

    12:45 GJ sell talk

    13:50 GJ some Q + A + sell confirmation

    14:35 bullish candle close to confirm support

    15:00 GJ

    16:30 some tips on first time real accont + trade advice for fomo

    18:00 GA CR

    18:46 GJ CR

    19:05 Gold 15min CR

    20:00 CR

    21:00 some talks about plan + long term

    21:35 GJ CR

    22:25 CR

    22:50 CR

    23:15 2% drawdown FTMO talk

    23:40 CR

    24:00 let runner running talk + GJ example

    24:40 CR

    25:19 CR + GJ A

    26:00 crypto talk

    26:30 CR + Gold A

    27:40 CR

    28:15 CR

    28:40 GJ A

    29:00 Q for EJ close with no wick + EJ A

    29:25 GU CR

    30:15 Why no trade that GJ

    30:38 CR risky

    31:25 CR

    31:45 CR gold + bias + fundamental

    33:58 inflation talk

    35:30 gold CR

    35:53 CR

    36:09 CR GJ (good plan

    36:54 GU CR + GU A

    38:37 CR

    39:30 dominion market

    39:49 GJ CR

    40:35 stock talk

    42:14 EJ A

    42:41 GJ cand;e timing talk

    42:53 CR

    43:15 stock talk

    43:44 CR

    44:00 Gold talk

    44:40 USD bank holiday vs volume vs set up

    45:00 GJ 5min zone talk + range

    45:40 2k account vs lot size

    46:50 GA A

    46:58 GU A

    48:35 how to know candle is a fake out + GU A

    49:40 trade going SL then TP talk

    51:10 what to do when you took a lost

    52:25 CR

    53:00 weekly news talk

    53:45 confidence when in profit talk

    54:50 some Q + one trade a day + revise after that trade + how could I have done better + how could I have not taken the loss

    55:22 CR

    56:10 CR

    57:00 lot size talk

    57:58 CR

    59:05 GJ A

    59:45 some talks about how to deal with dumb ppl + old raja hahah

    1:00:48 GJ A + mack correction

    1:01:30 CR + GJ A

    1:02:47 gold CR

    1:03:50 CR

    1:05:15 profit + greed + wake talk + example + secure profit

    1:07:00 GJ A

    1:07:55 GJ Q + PT mark up

    1:08:25 GJ A

    1:09:00 some talk about account

    1:10:20 Gold A

    1:10:58 risk management lot size talk

    1:12:45 risk % for new

    1:12:10 GJ candle timing closing talk

    1:13:30 GJ Q from zoom

    1:14:50 GJ A

    1:16:50 GJ A why no buy and no sell

    1:17:40 CR

    1:18:25 us30 FA

    1:20:00 GJ A

    1:20:25 mt4 vs mt5

    1:21:30 GJ A

    1:22:50 recover talk

    1:25:08 GJ A

    1:26:25 CR

    1:26:50 GJ + buy PT

    1:28:00 GJ trade + all TF overlook + risk management

    1:29:40 chinese indicator

    1:30:09 why lower risk

    1:30:48 risk management trade talk

    1:31:35 not conformable for this trade , how to change mentality

    1:32:50 GU A

    1:33:03 Gold A

    1:33:10 GJ trade management talk + what you can control

    1:34:20 closing 50% coming down first half of candle, + when to add back

    1:35:55 removing risk talk

    1:36:40 mark up for adding back

    1:38:00 GJ 15min CR

    1:38:00 are you not worry for 1h resistrance + closing entire position

    1:39:15 managed trade win vs lost

    1:41:00 dominion market and trading view talk

    1:41:30 GU A

    1:41:45 zoom talk GJ

    1:42:30 zoom talk 4H + bank holiday talk

    1:45:10 will crash on stock market affect forex

    1:46:08 engulfing candle reliable

    1:47:00 fundamental and technical talk

    1:47:45 GJ A 1H resistance

    1:48:50 people losing trades and dislike talk

    1:50:03 GJ CR + u can move ur SL

    1:51:35 pips and $ , fixed number to risk talk

    1:52:08 GA

    1:52:25 Monday tricky + overtrading

    1:52:45 fomo talk

    1:54:10 GJ talk + hindsight

    1:55:40 GA CR

    1:57:30 GJ how can I get the win talk

    1:58:10 GJ zoom talk

    1:59:50 GA

    2:00:37 GA

    2:01:15 growing vs withdraw

    2:03:55 GJ daily tf talk + FA

    2:05:00 key level talk

    2:05:35 zoom talk appreciation talk + forex factory talk + news + big move + time + Chinese indicator

    2:10:50 C word talk

    2:13:30 dominion market

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