Ledger Nano X Competitor?! D'Cent Crypto Hardware Wallet

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Ledger Nano X, the latest flagship hardware wallet by Ledger is coming in March 2021 featuring onboard bluetooth connectivity to the Ledger Live mobile app. However, the Korean tech company IoTrust who specialize in hardware security solutions have potentially introduced a prime competitor for the Ledger Nano X with their D’CENT hardware wallet. The D’CENT wallet is the first wallet capable of integrating RSK smart contracts on the bitcoin network and other similar services. With ERC20 support and mobile app capability, this wallet could be a strong competitor in the hardware wallet market. Let’s hash it out!

**IOTRUST supplied me this hardware wallet to review, but did not pay me or influence my review**




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If you are looking for a bluetooth enabled hardware wallet, D’Cent may be your top pick. IOT security company IOTRUST has developed a crypto wallet that has biometric fingerprint scanner to protect your private keys. the Ledger Nano X may have a competitor on its hands!

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20 comentários em “Ledger Nano X Competitor?! D'Cent Crypto Hardware Wallet

  1. Just bought this, love it so far! Learned the hard way robinhood is one to avoid as you can’t withdraw your coins so anyone thinking about buying crypto keep that in mind! Great video!

  2. Very nice wallet … for a $5 wrench guy,it's HEAVEN. After he knock you out, he can unlock your wallet with your fingerprint. Nice job.

  3. No Monero support, or NANO. App looks poorly designed. Coin name all in CAPS? Why?

  4. It doesn't have ICON so I probably won't use it. Since D'Cent is Korean they might add ICON in the future though so I'll keep an eye open since I love fingerprint technology.

  5. doesn't Bluetooth sort of take away from the safety feature USB had? now they are connecting over airwaves again. what will they have next? cellular wallets? then back to internet wallets? when do the "upgrades" stop?

  6. It seems like D'CENT is the most advanced security product and user-friendly in the market. Looking good!

  7. Would you mind reviewing the Lykke wallet and exchange. I'd be curious to know your thoughts

  8. Looks good. But with our current level of technology, I don't know why we're not able to at least get high res screens on these wallets.

  9. That's a great looking new wallet. How many seperate fingerprints can be programmed? I think I counted 11 times you placed your finger to calibrate. If there's no settings to add more prints. Curious if you could take turns to capture enough data for two fingers to unlock it. This would be perfect for passing crypto to next of kin. Also sharing a wallet like a debt card pin with your spouse.

  10. Let me know what you think! You can find the D'CENT hardware wallet here and buy it STRAIGHT FROM D'CENT in the USA with one-day shipping on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2HR5SZv

    Cheers guys! thanks for watching.

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