Law of Attraction simplified by Sadhguru

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Law of attraction by sadhguru
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This video is created by the permission of the owner.
This videos has been created entirely from scratch with high quality editing from start to end. This video is been created for educational and motivational purpose only.
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Law of attraction simplified by Sadhguru

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21 comentários em “Law of Attraction simplified by Sadhguru

  1. He decides that we should concentrate more on the Earth than on heaven and the spiritual beings. He decides that they don't need us and that the reason is their so much better organization. He claims this as if they were facts, while they are only his fantasies or home-made logic. What if reality is in another way than he knows?
    Can someone be really enlightened while holding some delusion and ego still? Is enlightenment just a matter of more or less in different individuals affected, and do they still come with all sorts of ordinary human frailties and faults, even deception,dishonesty and even viciousness? Since they are still, after all, human beings on Earth living in a physical body?
    I hope for real, thought-through answer from reasonably knowledgeable individuals, not just instant opinions and ideas, please. Struggling to find help in decades deadly mistreatment, and am very ill and exhausted. Please heed this,don't burden me with unfounded claims and fantasies, wishful thinking and big-headed illusions.
    He said one thing though, that might be sadly true: The too much thinking mind can*t achieve it, since it won't be loose and flexible, adaptable enough or w´something of that nature.

  2. Aren't laws broken from time to time ? What makes this law sustainable or breach proof ?

  3. The wisest question in the comment section is right here . Is the Law of Attraction guaranteed to be ?

  4. I would be careful of who and what you listen to.. many false prophets and deceptions have gone out into the world. Spirituality, Astrology, Tarot Cards, Crystals, Auras, Astral Projection, Third Eye, Omens, Universe, Positive Energy Frequencies, Vibrations, Angel Numbers, Alter Ego, Chanting, Mantra, Consciousness, Chakras, Spirit Guides, Manifestation, Meditation, Yoga, Law of Attraction.. all these things are New Age and if you don't know what New Age is.. it's occultism disguised as flowers and roses and everything you ever wished for, but in truth it's the work of Satan and his Demons who are deceiving the masses. Who wouldn't be compelled to seek 'healing' if they're broken.. manifest their future if they're lost.. all these things work, yes but they're not coming from the true source. Jesus is the one who can truly heal you and give you peace which surpasses all understanding. Jesus is the one who already has your purpose and your life planned out. This New Age movement is Devil worshipping at its core and has been prominent lately.. especially because we're in the last days and Satan knows his time is short before the Last Judgement comes. So he will do everything in his power to deceive and take as many people with him into the lake of fire for all of eternity. Please, if you have ears to hear, let you hear these words and escape the deception of the wicked one and seek after the Lord Jesus Christ whilst he may be found. Time is running out. God bless. ❤

  5. The most powerful force in this world… Desire. Desire has created everything that exists.

  6. thats y mind's an endless game
    when u think negitively u will see that someone's punishing u
    but when u think optimistically and commit to things whatever u care for u say its becoz of urself or whoever u have faith in
    and u will expierience these things endlessly based upon ur choice

  7. love it , but i think it is only 3 dimensions because thoughts are the same as energy, so it is energy and emotions and actions which is forms attitude.

  8. Thank you, everyone, for everything. You are all special. You are important. You are loved. We are all one. Love yourself and love others. You have everything you need to live a good life inside yourself. Let it out. Now.

  9. Excellent and mind blowing speech. This is 100% true and I have manifested many things what thought and believed both positive and negative. Subconscious knows only to manifest our deepest or intensive thoughts. So one should be careful in submerging the type of thoughts one gets randomly in the conscious mind. What you believe will manifest to the fullest extent possible. Well rendered and motivating speech. Thanks a lot sir. God bless you.

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