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KTM 1290, 1190, BMW R1200GS – Adventure Riding OR BDR (Oregon Back Country Discovery Route)

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We’re three guys and love adventure riding!

We rode our KTM 1290 Super Adventure, KTM 1190 and BMW R1200GS from California up to Oregon to ride parts of the Oregon Backcountry Discovery Route (OR BDR). We only had 3 days of riding + 2 days to get there and back home which limited the routes we could take.

We took Route 5 Section 1 north until it intersects with Route 2, took Route 2 west-wards until it intersects with Route 3 and then rode Route 3 south until we hit California again. On the way we stopped at Crater Lake.

It was a absolutely fantastic ride. You can see that we were lucky not to hit any wildfires – some parts of the forest though were still smokey.

In the 5 days, we rode a total of 1363 Miles / 2193 Kilometers and had a blast!

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions.


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  1. Loved the video and loved it on the big bikes. Much more of a challenge on the big bikes and what people commenting on all these types of videos forget is THAT IS THE POINT!!! 1250 GSA owner btw.

  2. Why do people ruin perfectly good moto vids with crap Music or any music for that matter ? Nothing drops the T level faster than a chick sound track playing in the background while 3 Bros shoot outtakes for Broke Back Mountan 3!

  3. I wish badly there was a 390advR but I think the current 390adv would actually outperform these bikes throughout the entire trip purely due to less weight. What beautiful lake is shown at 11:40?

  4. My lord I can think of hundreds of things that would be more fun than what you boys are doing and I love bikes hate pain.

  5. I have taken mine through the gnar but damn… Great video, well done.

  6. Excellent adventure that's how it should be done, hard to find a group that committed to adventure riding around cen. Ca. It would be awesome to do a ride like that in a group, I've been alone on trails like that too many times. Gets the adrenaline going though. Great video keep it up!

  7. My impression was the Oregon BDR was mainly fire trails. Did you go slightly off the route?

  8. As a video producer of sorts myself, dude, high marks for all the hard work putting this video together!!!! Give me ideas…and why the smaller dual sports seem so appealing 🙂 WestBird5 on YouTube

  9. Great video, but I'm still not sure why everyone is turning towards these HUGE bikes. A 400-700cc bike is plenty and the fun-factor is greatly increased in the off-road sections. Watching you guys try to get these massage bikes through the woods makes me sore just watching.

  10. That looked like quite the adventure! And a very well made video too…thoroughly enjoyed that

  11. Don't normally like videos with no talking, but this was fantastic! Great job on editing.

  12. Very adventurous ride and great trails. best country side motorcycle ride ever seen.

  13. great video, loved the angles and cinematography. I was feeling it for you boys going through the tuff stuff with those heavy bikes. have you considered going the lighter route KTM 500 exc or even 690 or Husky 701 much more enjoyable off road. easier to pick up as well 😉

  14. I thought all the BDR routes were designed to at least accommodate a 4×4. Seems like some of your routes were single track to no track

  15. Are these single track trails the BDR or short cuts? I know there might be alternate routes to get to a destination. Thanks

  16. This was great! Makes me want to get out on my KTM 1090R here on the WA backroads

  17. Great trip and great video! Think I’ll be using a smaller bike if I do that one.

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